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Wonkette's 5 O'Clock Shadow

Hey, it worked for Gawker ***.

BoiFromTroy, he of the young, gay, Republican, USC Trojan, male is taking over guest editing duties temporarily at Wonkette while the hostess is out trying to apply a tape measure to John Kerry's schlong for MTV.

Those who have been reading BFT for a while knew this day would surely come. One suspects that BFT's use of "ass-fucking" will be more judiciously applied - especially if hot guys are involved in the story.

Wonkette haters - you're now free to admit that you read Wonkette, at least until a "wardrobe malfuntion" earns Anna Marie a trip to Les Moonves' doghouse...

*** Rumor has it that their used to be a female beard running Gawker. Supposedly some big media company came-a-courting and swept her off her feet. She's never been heard from again.


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Comments (7)

That so many Americans are ... (Below threshold)

That so many Americans are fascinated by these Internet flasher-pundits, whose sole trick is to talk about sex -- particularly, their own orientation, what kind of action they're getting and how often -- suggests that, in attempting to determine our national tastes, one should not neglect to check the toilet.

And in unrelated, but equal... (Below threshold)

And in unrelated, but equally as spellbinding news - Paris Hilton has broken up with her boyfriend.

No, really. I'm not kidding. ohmygosh!

Count me among the Wonkette... (Below threshold)

Count me among the Wonkette haters, although I'm not a secret reader. I clicked over there one time to see what all the fuss was about, was underwhelmed, and haven't been back. I'm kind of in agreement with Francis on this sad fascination with the "slouching towards Gomorrah" crowd.

BoiFromTroy is gay?!? Man,... (Below threshold)

BoiFromTroy is gay?!? Man, you'd never know it from reading his blog.

BoiFromTroy is gay?!? Man,... (Below threshold)

BoiFromTroy is gay?!? Man, you'd never know it from reading his blog ...

I admit it, I've only wande... (Below threshold)

I admit it, I've only wandered into "Wonkette" twice, and the second time was just now by following a link you provided in your thread here. But, I've never read too much beyond the headlines and a few link titles and that was enough to convince me it was Live Journal Run Over. As in, I can scrape my own nails against a slate board, thankyewverymuch, I don't need to find someone else to create that awful, irritating sound.

Honestly, I can't stand this trend of use (?) of the Internet, such as does "Wnktte" (and LJ) typify, BUT, if there's any saving grace that might be applied (well, actually, there isn't but I'm going for optimism here), it'd be that these sites and 'authors' tend to pull similar types to them like Giant Sucking Sounds and it keeps other sites at least a tad less fuzzy. (

My last comments were dropp... (Below threshold)

My last comments were dropped because I inadvertently included faux code. What I wrote at the conclusion of previous (^^) but what was ommitted (from previous) is that anyone should:

READ MY LAST PARAGRAPH (in previous) (^^) while listening to "Whip It Good" by Devo, while watching the currently running t.v. commercial for Swifter.






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