“NIH” ain’t kosher

Israel has never been a nation to let the origins of something interfere with it’s utility. When that nation was in it’s infancy, it established it’s Air Force around a bunch of hand-me-down British Spitfires and captured Nazi Messerschmidts. It’s (alleged) nuclear program (reportedly) received a “less than overt” boost with US plans and materiel. And now we find they’re even lifting ideas from the same Communists who brutally repressed them in Russia, when they’ll work for them.

Lenin is reputed to have said (falsely, it appears) that “the Capitalists will sell us the rope we use to hang them.” Israel apparently recently dusted off that old notion and decided to give it a whirl.

The Security Fence (also known as the “Apartheid Wall” to the terminally clue-impaired) is nearly complete, and has already shown signs of having prevented numerous Palestinian attacks. It has also provoked cries of international protest, mainly from the Palestinians and their loyal mouthpieces. It has been decried as an “atrocity” and a “international crime against humanity” and the Palestinian Authority has vowed to do everything it can to stop the building of the wall.

Meanwhile, however, many other Palestinians have grown rich selling Israel the cement to build the wall – including the family of the PA’s prime minister. In fact, an investigation by the Palestinian legislature (try not to snicker at that particular oxymoron) shows that substantial bribes changed hands to allow the cement to pass into Israel for use in the wall.

Well done, Israel.


(Thanks to Meryl Yourish for being the first person I saw to report this development)


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Oddly enough, that's the fi... (Below threshold)

Oddly enough, that's the first thing I've read in ages that gives me hope for 'Palestine'. At least some people there find money-making more interesting than killing Jews.

Better yet -- making money ... (Below threshold)

Better yet -- making money by helping to make it harder to kill Jews. I like it, I like it.






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