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Free Speech Zone

This is what passes for free speech in Boston this week - The Free Speech Zone.

Hooded protesters kneel on the ground as they demonstrate against being forced to protest inside a fenced-in 'Free Speech Zone' near the FleetCenter in Boston Monday, July 26, 2004, before the evening's start of the Democratic National Convention. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

By the way those hood and bindings are self administered. Aside from the antics, I've got to agree with the protesters complaints about the FSZ as they're being shunted off to what is in effect an internment camp [pictures].

Update: Protesters have decided to congregate on Boston Common instead...


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Comments (5)

Why isn't anyone kicking th... (Below threshold)

Why isn't anyone kicking these hippies? (had their parents done so once in a while, they would be embarrassing themselves like this)

Oh man, but you know they j... (Below threshold)

Oh man, but you know they just love this! "Look! Real live oppression! Just like the Palestinians! Isn't this country just awful! They even tried to prevent us from going to Abercrombie!"

And later, they'll drive back to their dorms, enjoy some wine, and remember their traumatic experience while watching "Friends."

Chris Muir's take, yesterda... (Below threshold)

Chris Muir's take, yesterday, was priceless.

A large number of powerful ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

A large number of powerful Democ-rats, a large number of people in bondage. Sounds like a remake of "Harry Potter and the prison of Ass-Grabin" to me.

I'll bet that those lefty l... (Below threshold)

I'll bet that those lefty loonies are facing Mecca.






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