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I guess she never said this, either. I probably should just "shove it."

Here is the story that Drudge is plastering on his main page: back in 1975, Theresa Heinz Not-Yet-Kerry was interviewed for a book called "The Power Lovers: An Intimate Look at Politicians and Their Marriages.'' Apparently, Mrs. Heinz (wife of a REPUBLICAN Senator at that time) called Ted Kennedy "a perfect bastard" and said "The Democratic machine in this country is putrid.''

My, how things can change in a scant 30 years. All it takes is one chopper crash to force a woman to put a few spins on her plans of becoming First Lady. When the most eligible, most ambitious Senator happens to be about one hundred and eighty degrees from the politics of the first Senator husband, whose policies you parroted for over 20 years, a period of "readjustment and reassessment" certainly seems appropriate.



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Comments (25)

Ariana Huffington must be h... (Below threshold)

Ariana Huffington must be her role model.

So... Correct me if I'm wro... (Below threshold)

So... Correct me if I'm wrong, but the above seems to assume:

1. that someone isn't allowed to change her (or his mind) once they hit the age of 25.

2. that the democratic party that she disliked in 1975 is the same party in 2004.

Besides, Ted was "the perfect bastard" from many accounts.

Congrats JayYou pi... (Below threshold)

Congrats Jay

You pissed off Oliver Willis- That means you were effective.

Is this the way to Misha's?... (Below threshold)

Is this the way to Misha's? Ah, yes, I can certainly see it from here.

Oliver Willis doesn't like ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Oliver Willis doesn't like me! Woohoo! I've made the big time!

(Blush) I'd like to thank the Academy for this honor, and Kevin, who made this all possible, and my agent...

(Damn. Now I gotta get an agent.)

Thanks, Oliver!


Go Fuck Yourself.... (Below threshold)
Saag Paneer:

Go Fuck Yourself.

horrible horrible comment. ... (Below threshold)
Mrs T.:

horrible horrible comment. a crash? you should be closed down, you are ugly.

'Shove it!'

Ah Eric....Well spoken.<br ... (Below threshold)

Ah Eric....Well spoken.
back when I was young and stupid I was a registered Democrat. Being from Southern California I thought that it was the ONLY political affiliation. Free thinking and maturity afforded me a better outlook and by age 30 the change was imminent.
Ta-Ray-Za gives those of us who have any sense of WHY we change our minds a bad name. this woman is an idiot and in my opinion should taek a seat right next to Teddy. They make for good buddies.
and YES Jessica in case you are out there I remain an "instapundit"
Love, Debra

You know, Sen. Heinz lived ... (Below threshold)

You know, Sen. Heinz lived in a very different era. The Republicans were more moderate and the democrats were a little farther to the left. Clinton dragged them to the middle after 1992; Heinz died before that (hence the Wofford victory in the special election before extreme right-wing Senator Santorum's time). So yes, 30 years can change your perspective as the facts on the ground change.

Heinz was a moderate and you are spitting on his memory by posting this trash. How different he was from modern day Republicans; how we wish the Republicans could nominate a figure who can represent everyone.

Here's a small section from a biography of Heinz, in case your memory is dim:
( http://www.library.cmu.edu/Research/Archives/Heinz/HJH_Bio.html )

" Commenting on his first 100 days in office, Congressman Heinz said, "I have attempted to wear no label, neither 'liberal' nor 'conservative' nor 'pro-labor' nor 'pro-management.' I have acted in each case on the basis of what I believe is right for my constituents, for our state and for the country."
As the youngest member of the 92nd Congress, Representative Heinz soon developed expertise in the three issues upon which his national reputation would be based: the elderly, international commerce, and the environment. He established a voting record that was generally moderate in both foreign and domestic affairs but was decidedly liberal by Republican standards. Heinz, not afraid to show his independence from his party, demanded an early end to American military involvement in Southeast Asia, urged President Nixon to normalize relations with Cuba, and frequently criticized the White House for using the threat of deploying new weapons as a tactic in arms limitations talks with the Soviet Union. On the domestic front, Heinz supported a number of progressive social programs in education, human welfare, health care, housing, and mass transportation, and he regularly approved environmental protection legislation.

Teresa's my favorite Democr... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

Teresa's my favorite Democratic 'term of endearment.'

If it was a good enough way... (Below threshold)

If it was a good enough way for Michael Eisner to get rid of Frank Wells, then it's good enough for Teresa Heinz, I guess.

um.... yeah. My, my, my, ho... (Below threshold)
Rev Moore:

um.... yeah. My, my, my, how a scant 3 decades can change one's mind somewhat...

J., you DO realize how inane your critique sounds, do you not? 30 friggin' years? What were YOUR opinions 30 years ago?

But then, I suppose you support the fortunate son daddy-propped-up wannabe-CEO chickenhawk-in-chief who NEVER turns the wheel, no matter which way the road bends.

Bravo for you. Let me know how those brakes work once we've finally gone over the cliff...

I can hardly imagine a more... (Below threshold)

I can hardly imagine a more winning slogan for the GOP than "We Hate Our Opponents' Wives." It sure worked in 1996. And the tasteful reference to Teresa's widowhood- you had me at hello. I'll pitch in for T-shirts if you guys would wear them.

What? No speculation that s... (Below threshold)
Quaker in a Basement:

What? No speculation that she actually engineered the fatal crash?

Have you guys decided to tone down your invective for the election?

Oops! My bad!I com... (Below threshold)
Quaker in a Basement:

Oops! My bad!

I completely overlooked Mr. Simon's charming remarks just three posts up.

I knew you guys wouldn't let me down. Who's going to start the "Teresa Heinz Kerry Death Watch" website?

Wives are totally important... (Below threshold)

Wives are totally important.

Don't forget that in 2000 many Republicans voted for Bush because even though he never saw combat, Laura had one confirmed kill.

(Thanks for showing me the light, J. I used to think we should only talk about the candidates.)

Whoa Rev...I don't dog you ... (Below threshold)

Whoa Rev...I don't dog you for your (in my opinion) ignorance. Why would you attack me for having an opinion. At least I can admit that I was once young and stupid and have a clearer view now. You my friend are totally skewed.
Age 30 is certainly NOT a bad age to leave behind the "let's alll carry flowers and hug" mentality and adopt a clearer path that is more realistic.

Given the reaction from the... (Below threshold)

Given the reaction from the Kerryistas here, I'd say this one's gonna leave a mark on Empress Teresa and her boy toy.

Cheney Dismisses Critic ... (Below threshold)

Cheney Dismisses Critic With Obscenity (Washington Post, June 25, 2004)

A brief argument between Vice President Cheney and a senior Democratic senator led Cheney to utter a big-time obscenity on the Senate floor this week. On Tuesday, Cheney, serving in his role as president of the Senate, appeared in the chamber for a photo session. A chance meeting with Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (Vt.), the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, became an argument about Cheney's ties to Halliburton Co., an international energy services corporation, and President Bush's judicial nominees. The exchange ended when Cheney offered some crass advice. "FŁck yourself," said the man who is a heartbeat from the presidency.

The Bumbling Communicator (The Atlantic, Sept. 6, 2001)

...In 1987 at a Dallas restaurant, Bush, apparently drunk, approached a table occupied by Al Hunt, of The Wall Street Journal, Judy Woodruff, of CNN, and their four-year-old son, and burst out with, "You no good fŻcking sonofabitch, I will never forget what you wrote!" Hunt had omitted the name of Bush's father from a list of possible presidential candidates he had sent in to Washingtonian magazineóbecause Vice President Bush had yet to declare his candidacy. The dark side of Bush thus revealed should not be surprising....

"The Democratic machine in ... (Below threshold)

"The Democratic machine in this country is putrid.''

I think the lady is talking about 'democracy' here people, not the democratic party.
She didn't say the democratic party in this country is putrid, or that democrats were putrid.
She said the democratic machine *is* putrid. Which identifies exactly what she believed in then and so many of us moderates believe today, that democracy is long gone from these shores.

It's also something many people espoused then and now, that real americans aren't represented, but the wealthy, and CEO types.

But if you want to associate the prinicples of democracy with the party of the same name, then so be it. As long as you recognize that conservatives are nothing more than corporatists and dominionists masquerading as republicans.


Most of us hold different o... (Below threshold)

Most of us hold different opinions than we did 30 years ago. But those different opinions are usually more considered than the ones they replaced. Ms. Heinz Kerry's opinions are not more considered, they're merely opportunistic.

My dearest Deb ( You Taunt ... (Below threshold)
Rev Moore:

My dearest Deb ( You Taunt )---

My point had nothing to do with age 30 being a mystical barrier that, once penetrated, allows one to truly see Everything Clearly For What It Is... an opinion commonly held by 31-year-olds worldwide. Just wait til you hit 32!

No, my original posting pertained to being *30 years* FURTHER down your path to enlightenment ( or, in the case of the current occupant of the White House, "willful benightedness" probably fits in his lil' 1-gallon hat better )

...oh, and I stand by my "Too Dense To Turn" assessment. Anyone who thinks he's flexible and responsive to change at this point probably watches lots of Fox News.

Addendum: Hats off to J. for the apology to Therez --- dude, I disagree with most of what you say, but you got class.

Dearest Rev...thank ... (Below threshold)

Dearest Rev...
thank you for the assumption that I was actually younger that 30! My dear, I passed that age quite some time ago and I now am at 48
I should have given some indication of how LONG ago it actually was that I departed from the liberal mindset and adopted a more conservative view.
I have 1 main issue with my party and hads to do with veterans benefits. Other than that i reamin steadfast in supporting my party.
For the record, I don't watch FOX exclusively though I have to tell you that I may be in love with Bill O

*grin* I guess it takes all... (Below threshold)
Rev Moore:

*grin* I guess it takes all kinds...

Re:/ Vets--- my father is a 66-year-old Army retiree, and he voted for the Shrub back in 2K.... and he will definitely NOT be voting for him in November, Benefits being one of his issues as well.

That, and not wasting gallons of blood and billions of treasure... he's kinda old fashioned that way.

Hey Deb....seen the deficit projections for next year? Even I was shocked... and I contend that the guy is a silverspooned dimwit of biblical proportions. But that's another thread...

Well I'll apologise in adva... (Below threshold)

Well I'll apologise in advance for my comment. While it is going to be abrasive it isn't meant to bash any person or group, race, creed, or sex.

I remember storys of Billy Carter being a drunk and pissing outdoors.

Storys about Hillary Clinton having a Christmas tree decorated with condoms and nightly orgys in the oval office. How she was screwing George Stuffitupinus or whatever that aides name was.

I remember a person medical history being dragged out. A persons sexual history being dragged out. And in almost every instance of dirt being dragged out to discredit a candidate I can remember the worst offenders being Republicans. And how when they are dragged out the scream from the troops is they are being persecuted when usually its just a case of one of them getting caught good enough it can't be excused.

And then I see this little editorial. This one that takes a jab at Kerry through his wife. One that ties any persons actions into those of whoever is around them. Yet we ignore it when torture is condoned within the upper echelons and never pass the guilt through familiarity to them.

It seems to me the mindset of a person who would bash someones family to display how alike a family is, a group is, a buisness is, well these are the very same people who say all blacks are lazy, all puerto ricans steal, all jews have big noses, orientals cant drive, ect. Its a softer form of bigotry and rascism. As such any one spouting it or buying it is nothing more than a bigot in their own right and possibly should start doing a little soul searching to see what they are selling their soul for and if it's worth it.






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