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Kerry Heckled On His Own Front Porch

This might explain why Kerry ditched scheduled stops in Norfolk, VA and Cape Canaveral, FL to catch Manny Ortiz and the rest of the Red Sox play the Yankees.

COLUMBUS, United States (AFP) - Democrat John Kerry's presidential campaign took the pulse of the ordinary American homeowner, and came face to face with the polarized nature of the country's electorate.

Four days before he makes a crucial speech at the national Democratic convention in Boston, the Kerry bandwagon rolled into a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, for a "front porch" rally at the home of Jessie and Janet Aitkins.

The carefully choreographed event was gatecrashed by a vocal group of local Republican residents brandishing placards in support of President George W. Bush and chanting "flip-flop" Kerry -- echoing Republican criticisms of Kerry's Senate voting record.

"Kerry doesn't have anything like Bush's integrity," said David Timms, 32. "Actually, because of his liberal policies, I'm happy he doesn't even vote that often in the Senate."

Some Bush supporters handed out flyers advertising a "Kerry Waffle Raffle."

Sounds like the protests where "carefully choreographed" too...

Update: Don't miss Gerard Van der Leun's - Real Men Pitch From The Mound!


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