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O&A - Still Out Of Work

Four months ago Glenn Reynolds noted that fired shock jocks Opie and Anthony were staging a comeback.

March 30, 2004

SEX-IN-THE-CATHEDRAL SHOCK JOCKS OPIE AND ANTHONY ARE COMING BACK: No doubt Howard Stern will rejoice at this victory for free expression.

...Kevin Aylward says that Opie and Anthony won't regain their former glory. I'll bet they'll get as many stations as Al Franken, though!

Actually I predicted that they wouldn't even regain commercial radio jobs, which is exactly what happened. Score - Wizbang 1, New York Post 0.

Since satellite radio (O&A admit their act is unlikely to lead to commercial radio jobs) only counts as one station, I'd say Al Franken is going to p0wn them on that bet. Score - Franken 1, InstaPundit 0.

It's been a long, hard media fall for the duo since they were featured in Time magazine as Viacom's next big stars. Only the Post still has O&A on their radar. They ran this piece today, announcing that they still don't have another gig lined up.

July 26, 2004 (New York Post) -- In an exclusive interview with The Post after 23 months of virtual media silence, "O&A" called Howard Stern a "hypocrite," railed against "indecency hysteria" that has filled radio with "scared" drones and sounded optimistic about a return to the air Oct. 1 - probably via satellite radio.

... Gregg "Opie" Hughes, 37, claims rival Howard Stern - who's drawn fines totaling six times more than O&A's - has turned "drastically lower" ratings around by masquerading as a free-speech martyr.

Both Stern and O&A were employed by Viacom - but there was never any love lost between the two radio shows.

"He's such a hypocrite and full of s-t because when we were at Viacom, he went to the bosses and made us shut up [so] we couldn't even mention his name," says Opie.

"He might whine and cry like he always does about the FCC being on him and the President trying to get his show off," says Anthony, "but he's making way too much money for Viacom to even consider letting him go."

They're right on about Stern though...

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