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Things You're Missing - DNC Edition

Wednesday, Sarah Bender, a delegate and 17-year old high school student from Medina Ohio, is scheduled to open the convention by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

DNC delegate Sarah Bender

Two things are sure to stand out - One she's a young hottie; two she's from a swing state. If those weren't the "two things" you were thinking of I'll remind you she doesn't turn 18 until October...

Much more on Sarah at The Backer

Comments (10)

50:50 on whether she uses t... (Below threshold)

50:50 on whether she uses the "under God" part???

Good point! ... (Below threshold)

Good point!

From that one pic, it would... (Below threshold)

From that one pic, it would appear she needs to get Kerry to refer her for botox.

oH she'll say "under God" a... (Below threshold)
spd rdr:

oH she'll say "under God" alright. DOn't you remember that Kerry is the most actively going, church supportting, so-what-if-I'm-pro-choice candidate EVER!

Plus, it's a swing state.

The age of consent in Ohio ... (Below threshold)

The age of consent in Ohio is 16.

Party on, Wayne.

I watched the first few min... (Below threshold)

I watched the first few minutes of the Convention and the Pledge was read by a older black man.

Maybe I'm missing something?

Wednesday's session - not t... (Below threshold)

Wednesday's session - not today...

Wait, so today IS NOT Wedne... (Below threshold)

Wait, so today IS NOT Wednesday?


I saw her on Fox the other ... (Below threshold)

I saw her on Fox the other day...

Sorry, but she's actually sorta ugly up close.

You probably think Whoopie ... (Below threshold)
Frank Rizzo:

You probably think Whoopie Goldberg is good looking. Tree hugger!






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