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Wizbang Convention Coverage

Convention Coverage at Wizbang (yes there will be plenty of it) has it's own catagory archive page as well as syndicated RSS feed.

If you are responsible for a site that is gathering convention coverage I recommend that you link Wizbang's convention coverage page or pull the XML feed. A look around the convention blogging aggregation sites indicates that the whole thing would work a hell of a lot better if everyone implemented a special category for their coverage and the specialized search engines excluded all but those categories.

Less chaff, more wheat...

Update: In The Bullpen now has a Democratic Convention category. Well worth a perusal.


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I really wish I understood ... (Below threshold)

I really wish I understood all that crap

Dan Rather of the CBS Eveni... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather of the CBS Evening News interviewed former first lady Hilary Clinton, the number one Bush basher in Boston.

She made the comment that she couldn't stand another four years of Bush and Cheney. This coming from a woman whose husband managed to make a mochery of the nations highest office. From Flowers, Jones and Lewensky to going through empeachment proceedings then he recoups his previous eight years by writing a boring ass book. We couldn't stand another minute of Clinton and Clinton.






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