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A correction

Last night I made a somewhat snarky posting regarding Theresa Heinz Kerry's run-in with a reporter, and followed it up with a flippant reference to the death of her first husband. I made a mistake there.

I said "All it takes is one chopper crash to force a woman to put a few spins on her plans of becoming First Lady." That was wrong.

John Heinz was aboard a small plane that developed mechanical problems. A helicopter went up to see if they could help, and the two vehicles collided and crashed. Heinz was not aboard a helicopter.

I apologize for any misunderstandings or hurt feelings my error may have caused, and promise to be more careful in the future.


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Well said Jay.Everyo... (Below threshold)

Well said Jay.
Everyone makes mistakes and I have a tremendous amount of respect for people like you who are willing to stand up and admit it as it's not an easy thing to do.

Fair and balanced, that's w... (Below threshold)

Fair and balanced, that's what I call it.

You guys are sad.... (Below threshold)

You guys are sad.

Oliver must be a "sensitive... (Below threshold)

Oliver must be a "sensitive" person.

If it's the Oliver I think ... (Below threshold)

If it's the Oliver I think it is, he knows all about being sad. Every time he hears the words "the kitchen has closed" he has to pop a zoloft....

Whats the point? A cheap sh... (Below threshold)

Whats the point? A cheap shot is a cheap shot and making political points by talking about someone's death is tacky. I have seen her refer to her late husband as her first love and the love of her life. Now just becuase she is married and supports her Democratic husband she is some kind of gold digger?

I was one of those people who gave props to Reagan on his death even though I dissagreed with 90% of what he stood for.

Oliver makes it personal an... (Below threshold)

Oliver makes it personal and Iím now a sad, sad person for recognizing that we all make mistakes.

Sorry Ollie Iím not going to go that route yet. But thanks for giving us some insight into the party of inclusiveness and understanding.

Don't you guys understand t... (Below threshold)
Vegas Infidel (the worst kind):

Don't you guys understand that it's that kind of divisive rhetoric that is hurting our political system? You are a bunch of Nazis.

What we need to do is come together. Bush is the Devil.

Beside, I canít handle dark humor. It hurts my feelings. Republicans are racist.

Is this a correction of the... (Below threshold)

Is this a correction of the factual error in the earlier post, or an expression of regret for making the "flippant reference to the death of her first husband"? It's difficult to tell from the way it is written.

My feelings aren't hurt at ... (Below threshold)

My feelings aren't hurt at all, it's just reading your blog writing is like staring at the aftermath of a bad car accident. Kevin may be on the right, and a teaser, but not an ass.

(Oh, I'm surely going to... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

(Oh, I'm surely going to hell for this one...)

Oliver, I never said any such thing. Stop putting words in my mouth. Now shove it!


(After all, everyone knows Oliver is just a puppet for that George Soros...)

I ask myself this morning: ... (Below threshold)

I ask myself this morning: "who would TH-Kerry be without the dough?"

As in, who would she be, where would she be, and would people REALLY find her so fascinating?

It's an impossible conundrum, I realize, just saying. It's amazing what money of her proportions can do for "reality" -- hers, her fans', etc. Thus, we get the temper tantrums, the "shove it" retorts preceded with the aggressive pushing through the crowds, "other people be damned!" huff.

Cheap shot here, yes, but effective. ~Hey, this is democracy, right?~ We the people and all. The DNC remake is trying for the "we the actual people and you, all the rest of you out there, the icky people. Again, it's an indication that ~leadership~ is oddly affected by a privileged existence, can't adapt otherwise (and I return to the conundrum of the question itself: what/who would TH-K be without all that money).

Something about a person gifted with such excess, having never understood what it took and takes to amass even a smaller percentage of that great wealth, leads to the dreaded disconnect that is the present day presentation by the DNC. And, thus, the "cheap shot" comment brings us back to reality. So, again, it worked. Cheap, but it worked.

Is this a correction of ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Is this a correction of the factual error in the earlier post, or an expression of regret for making the "flippant reference to the death of her first husband"?

You must not read Jay Tea enough, he's just correcting a factual error, AND standing behind his other ascertions.

Whats the point? A cheap shot is a cheap shot and making political points by talking about someone's death is tacky.

I agree, the dog and pony show the Democrats put on around Wellstones death was atrocious.

Rodney, dont take this pers... (Below threshold)

Rodney, dont take this personal, Kevin and others will tell you I am not about that. Insults are the a tactic I decline to use in favor of meaningful discourse. Now, having said that, I find it childish on the left and the right to do the tit for tat thing. Senator Heinz was a Republican using his death in an attack against his wife is tacky and childish. I dont remember what was said about Wellstone, but if someone did the same thing, that was tacky too. Jay is a smart guy and some of the things he posts hit home for me too, this was not one of them.

I'm too old to take blog ba... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I'm too old to take blog banter personal, doesn't mean I'll necessarily change my commentary, though.






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