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Devastating if This is a Trend

This might be the worst news Kerry had since he scratched his arm in Vietnam:

High-Stakes Convention

Poll Shows Support for Kerry Weakens on Issues and Attributes

July 26, 2004 The critical convention season begins with John Kerry losing momentum at just the hour he'd like to be gaining it: President Bush has clawed back on issues and attributes alike, reclaiming significant ground that Kerry had taken a month ago.

Kerry has lost support against Bush in trust to handle five of six issues tested in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, including terrorism, Iraq, taxes and even health care. And Kerry's ratings on personal attributes honesty, strong leadership, consistency, empathy and others have softened as well.

If the most liberal man in the Senate can't even win the battle on healthcare, he is sunk. This week Kerry should be getting a bump from the convention. Granted this was taken slightly before the convention but it does not bode well for him if this is a trend.

UPDATE below the fold

If you follow the link there are some incredible charts from this poll.
Here is the one that is the biggest problem for Kerry:

Who do you trust on Terrorism

Bush 55%
Kerry 37

A Month ago
Bush 48
Kerry 47

Bush's series of vindications over the last month has largely been ignored by the media but apparently the voters took note. This is only one poll but it shows real trouble for Kerry.

Another tidbit is that Kerry now has a whopping 24% rating when voters were asked if he was "consistent." OUCH!

If you don't read the whole thing, at least skim the charts.


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Comments (10)

In case you'd like to go sc... (Below threshold)

In case you'd like to go scratch your arm in Iraq, here's your link:


Until then stop denigrating the service of those who have been wounded protecting our country.

I don't think the support h... (Below threshold)

I don't think the support has changed; I simply believe the poll from a month ago was a major outlier on this question.

Bryguy, I think that for yo... (Below threshold)

Bryguy, I think that for you to equate Kerry's four months getting his arm scratched in Vietnam to the service of real war heroes is "denigrating the service of those who have been wounded protecting our country."

I don't think much of Max Cleland, but JFnK isn't fit to wipe Cleland's backside.

I'll tell you what, I'm loo... (Below threshold)

I'll tell you what, I'm looking forward to watching the extreme wingers attack Kerry's military service this fall. It's going to backfire very, very badly because Kerry's service to his country was genuine. There are not many things people on both sides of the aisle can agree on, but respect for military service is one of them.

That's military service that you actually show up for, mind you.

If you think Kerry's servic... (Below threshold)

If you think Kerry's service was "genuine" you are either ignorant of the facts or you are delusional. Which is it?

Bryguy:Yes, his se... (Below threshold)


Yes, his service was genuine. So were the medals he trashed when he came home. So was the service of the boys who were still in-country when he was protesting the war. So is the photo in the North Vietnam museum showcasing John as an ally to their cause.

It's all TOO genuine for my taste.

Now get off your soapbox trying to defend this turncote.

Bry, you go ahead and keep ... (Below threshold)

Bry, you go ahead and keep bringing up that "Bush was AWOL" nonsense this fall. As I recall when that was the focus of the mainstream a few months ago the result was a pro-Bush surge in all the polls.

Just what part of him not s... (Below threshold)

Just what part of him not showing up for duty for 6 months or more and unilaterally deciding to stop flying and go to an elite University instead do you think is nonsense?

Not to mention that he lied about it in his book.

Tell ya what BryGuy- I've o... (Below threshold)

Tell ya what BryGuy- I've only deleted about 2-3 comments on this blog since I've been here. But you have pushed me real freaking close.

I don't care about your politics- My Daddy always told me "The constitution gives the man the right to make a fool of himself." You can exercise that right all you want. But I get real freaking tired of people stating as FACT things that are not true.

If you have some evidence that Bush did not show up for duty for 6 months and that he "unilaterally deciding to stop flying" then by all means share it with us.

If however you have no evidence please admit you made the whole thing up.

You are free to believe whatever liberal fantasy you want. Please do not try to spread it here. Stick to the facts (or your opinions) and I'll never hit delete.

Try to pass off fantasy as fact and you are toast.

Easy enough?

What concerns me is what ha... (Below threshold)

What concerns me is what happens when Bush wins. If the Dems are so desperate that they'll nominate a guy with no hardcore views and only marginal appeal beyond the whiteness of his teeth and his runningmate's hair, what happens next? Another Michael Moore movie? A raft of them. More biased 9/11-type commissions? More flailing at alleged Haliburton conspiracies? More "not my president" backtalk from bitchy celebs? More "fighting his daddy's war" smack? More "he dodged the war" when half of the Democratic party ducked into universities and parked their asses in Canada while burning the American flag?

All of the above, my friends.

Prepare yourself. Desperate people do desperate things.






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