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Hatching A Coverage Plan For RNC Coverage

I wanted to put a placeholder post up to solicit ideas for coverage of the Republican National Convention here at Wizbang. What do you want to know about? What don't you want to know about?

Suggestions welcome.


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Comments (15)

Over at the MSNBC blog, <a ... (Below threshold)

Over at the MSNBC blog, Joe Scarborough claimed that the Democrats were, "hipper, younger, and hotter than their Republican counterparts."

I would like to see followup on whether you think that is true.

Particularly the hotter thing.

I think it woud be great hu... (Below threshold)

I think it woud be great humor to interview a "leader" of one of the protest groups. Basically ask them their opinions on current events and world history. It would allow to good humor that is needed more of in the world of politics.

I would be shocked if they actually knew, for instance, that Russia used to be known as the Soviet Union. Find out how many of the anti-war protesters know that their hero Clinton took the country to war more than any other president.

Hey Chad, those were peace-... (Below threshold)

Hey Chad, those were peace-keeping wars!! They don't count. Oh - wait - that is an oxymoron.

Scarborough - I thought he was kind of a conservative democrat. I didn't know he was into guys. That includes Hillary. She's pretty manly. Shit, she was president for at least 6 years.

Particularly the hotter ... (Below threshold)

Particularly the hotter thing.

Spoons the IS Kevin you are talking to. ;-)

Since Michael Moore-on will... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

Since Michael Moore-on will be covering the RNC for USeless Today, how about following him around the floor taking notes on his caloric intake?

After listening to Hilary l... (Below threshold)

After listening to Hilary last night going on about the healthcare issue in America. By-the-way, we have her to thank for the HIPAA Laws that went into effect last Oct. You know all of those useless sheets of paper you sign when you go to the doctor's office telling them that you don't want them to discuss your healthcare with anyone but the persons you specify. It is a nightmare to deal with.

I'd like to know if the Republicans are willing to stop offering state funded Medicaid programs to "illegal" imigrants so that they can have babies here in our country for free.

I work in the administrative field of healthcare. I get sick and tired of illegals coming in with their cell phones, nice clothes and manicures and then say, "I've got medicaid". They are sucking our states dry.

I don't have a problem with people who truly need assistance, but the abuse of the system out weighs the genuine need.

I realize that it is more o... (Below threshold)

I realize that it is more of a state issue, but states have to get their guidelines from somewhere.

I second Spoons.An... (Below threshold)

I second Spoons.

And would some pics be too much to ask for?

Research interest only. I assure you.

I think Scarborough is gett... (Below threshold)

I think Scarborough is getting freaked about Dennis Miller or McEnroe maybe being positioned to take his timeslot, so he wants to distance himself from the "right wing" label and present a more moderate image.

One vital thing to track do... (Below threshold)

One vital thing to track down is if Laura Ingraham is hot in person or if she just airbrushes well.

Spoons, Matt consider me on... (Below threshold)

Spoons, Matt consider me on the case.

Kevin, just be you man, tha... (Below threshold)

Kevin, just be you man, that is good enough for me. And bring me something back. :-)

"Chad Evans" has an interes... (Below threshold)

"Chad Evans" has an interesting idea that I would enjoy seeing/reading as expanded a bit.

Something similar to what Jay Leno does in his "on the street" questions to people..."Who was Columbus?" and similar things. It's amazing how uninformed (under educated) many people are.

But, as to the RNC, not to embarrass anyone there, so not questions to prove what they don't know, to slip people up, so to speak, but just as a daily comedic Q&A about basic platform and/or popularly concerning issues, posed to key speakers, significant people. If done well, with humor, it would be a very nice running sideline aspect to your coverage.

Oh, and I also agre with "David Anderson" here: just be yourself, and things will be great. And keep a digital camera handy -- those on-the-spot snaps are always the best.

Following Michael Moore aro... (Below threshold)

Following Michael Moore around the floor, brilliant!

I can see it now.

MM: Bush lied to America!

Whizbang: So what, you're fat and you're eating a Krispe Kreme!

That will certainly invalidate his arguements and raise the level of discourse at the same time.

Hint to "rance": I don't t... (Below threshold)

Hint to "rance": I don't think that Michael Moore at the RNC is exactly anyone else's proximity of definition of "a Republican" that Wizbang would be engaging in a friendly Q&A.

Might work for someone with a fake I.D., who writes a fake journal or something -- just sayin' -- but Wizbang is an identified "blogger" invited by the RNC to participate, so, asking Michael Moore much of anything other than, say, "Would you like to go to Leavenworth?" wouldn't work with the idea I was suggesting.






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