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Basketball Boss Barters Boobies


From ESPN:

When Heather La Bella first inquired about advertising the Los Angeles Sparks in Playboy to target Southern California's subscribers, she never expected that she'd wind up topless in the magazine.

But that's exactly what happened to the 32-year-old director of tactical marketing for the WNBA team. The August issue, which features a picture of her as the magazine's "Employee of the Month," hit newsstands last Friday.

"Part of my job is to try to increase ticket sales and I think this will work," said La Bella, who has been working for WNBA teams for the past six years.

...The untraditional move might turn about to be a marketing coup for the Sparks, who would have had to pay $25,000 to execute La Bella's original idea. Instead, the team received free advertising and La Bella got paid for the picture -- though she won't reveal how much.

La Bella said she sent a picture of her marketing team, made up of six part-time employees, to the magazine in February and asked magazine officials if they would like to feature La Bella's team. A Playboy official called back and asked La Bella if she would do a solo photo shoot.

Well that's one way to get exposure.

Hat Tip: AdRants

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