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But Then It Really Got Interesting...

More on the Edwards speech in the previous post, but as others have previously noted there's a dark horse candidate in the Bush girls vs. the Kerry girls debate - Cate Edwards.

Cate Edwards, daughter of democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards, reaches toward her mother Elizabeth after speaking to delegates during the Democratic National Convention at the FleetCenter in Boston, Wednesday, July 28, 2004. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)


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Comments (14)

How long until she bulks up... (Below threshold)

How long until she bulks up to look like mamma?

These contests are so wrong... (Below threshold)

These contests are so wrong in so many ways....

Keep it up!

Closer, but the Bush girls ... (Below threshold)

Closer, but the Bush girls are TWINS. Two for the price of one.

Closer, but the Bush girls ... (Below threshold)

Closer, but the Bush girls are TWINS. Two for the price of one.

That's why I love ya Kevin.... (Below threshold)

That's why I love ya Kevin. When she walked out on stage, the first thing I thought of was, "I wonder if she gets into Wizbang's hottest politician's daughters contest...?"

You never fail me!

Who the hell spells Kate wi... (Below threshold)

Who the hell spells Kate with a "c"?

Why do I have a sneaking su... (Below threshold)

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that the phrase "good from afar, but far from good" may apply to Ms. Edwards?

But wait until the next Har... (Below threshold)

But wait until the next Harper's Bazzar comes out featuring the Kerry sisters.

I saw her picture in Newswe... (Below threshold)

I saw her picture in Newsweek last week (yes...I read Newsweek. Yes, I know it's a lefty mag, but I was on the plane and left my book in the airport and it was the only thing in English). Anyway, I was wondering who that hottie was. The article only mentioned the Edward's two younger children. Damn...she's easy on the eyes. I think she'd win. Sorry Jenna...

Let the record show that th... (Below threshold)

Let the record show that the most resounding endorsement of a Carolina girl's hotness came from "Kin."

Didn't you guys know that m... (Below threshold)

Didn't you guys know that most of us girls from NC are hot...;) You're really missing out. Sweet southern charm and good looks.

1st - this is the only pict... (Below threshold)

1st - this is the only picture I've ever seen of this "Cate." I'm not so sure she exists. You generally only see J Edwards with his youngest kids. Spinners say this makes him look "even more young and inexperienced."

2nd - i'm guessing "Cate" doesn't exercise too often. Look at those mud flaps for arms. She's only 22, it only gets worse from here.

3rd - is it 1959? What is with her style choices? I'm pretty sure my grandmother owns that hair style and dress.

4th - notice the Dem's clever use of shadow to hide her face. I guarantee you we do not get a single clear picture of this girl until the eve of the election results, and we all realize that we could have put another Chelsea somewhere near the white house. Frightening.

This picture gives me no frame of reference.

I disagree, Corey. First o... (Below threshold)

I disagree, Corey. First of all, you are being incredibly presumptious in deciding that Cate "gets worse from here". She's beautiful and you're just pissed that you could never have her. Secondly, you can see her face perfectly. There are numerous pics where you can see her face and its beautiful. If you have a problem with dems, thats one thing. But dont be spiteful of their children.

I have to agree with Corey ... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with Corey on the dress. That fashion choice may have more with we Dems and our pagan worship of all things Kennedyesque.

That said, the moment I saw her come on my TV screen she hit number one on my list of hottest pol daughters. She's fairly tall, cute face and a thick bod.

Better hit it now, though. Like the old saw goes "if you want to see her in thirty years....."Laura Bush has defininately aged better, so Barbara's stock should improve while Cate slips into bon-bon land. There is just no helping Jenna...looks too much like dad.






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