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Edwards Seems To Have Lost An America

John Edwards ran his primary campaign on a theme of "Two Americas." In his speech to the Democratic National Convention this evening he's talking about "One America."

He seems to have lost an America...

Also noted, the Kerry/Edwards message to al Queda - "You cannot run, you cannot hide. We will destroy you " ***

*** As long as the French approve.


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He must have been listing w... (Below threshold)

He must have been listing with approval to Obama

Look,If you had ac... (Below threshold)
Just passing by:


If you had actually listened to Edwards, you would have understood that the two Americas are very real and that they are the result of an administration that repudiates anyone and everyone that is not part of its elitist clique.

So what Edwards argued cogently is that the two Americas must be made one America again. You bloggers are worse than the political pundits. You willingly mischaracterize someone's assertions or provide one-liners without any content. Shame on you!

I just cannot stand comment... (Below threshold)

I just cannot stand comments/thoughts such as written here by "Just passing by" -- I mean, in all due respect, someone ranting about "elitists" who is "just passing by" and deigns to devote their "visit" to "correcting" the blog author?

Two Americas, one America...it's the language of Jello Jingles: " jiggle me this, jiggle me that, I jiggle, you jiggle, we all mean nothing and everything while being green Jello that jiggles."

Edwards might just as well say: "hey, people, you want something from the government and the government has what you want and I'll be your government if you vote for me."

Because, he means nothing and says nothing ("Jello Jingle") while relying on anyone and everyone's primal resentments that we didn't have enough toys, that our folks didn't give us enough, that no one loved us.

EVERYONE lost SOMEthing. We are ALL "deprived children" in our own experiences and SOMEone will ALWAYS have more toys than we do. Edwards just uses that primal resentment that all human beings feel at one time or another (unless they learn to forgive and ~moveon~) to then transport people to the "Vote for Me" movement -- there's a subtle transition there if you just focus on it -- and notice that he ALSO routinely gets the audience to chant and rechant the same thing over and over again, like a mantra from God, the Jello Jingle of the moment.

SO THEN, the result is, we get "Just passing by" writing in someone else's blog about "the two Americas" and the meme has stuck -- just watch, it'll reproduce like Green Jello Globs all over the Internet and suddenly everyone will "know" the two Americas that they just know they didn't get when they were five but can't be sure, but they DO know that Jello fer supper sounds like a good idea.

I can't believe how stupid so many people actually are. Edwards is no savior, he's not going to deliver Jello to your door in January, he's actually almost certainly going to ensure that the boxes of Jello that voters will have to go to the store themselves to buy and mix will cost twice as much, and offer half as much contents as before.

But, it sure sounds good when Edwards smiles! "It's not where you're going, it's who you're with!" his wife chants, and the crowd roars. Umm, sorry, it IS where you are, and it IS where you're going, and NOT who you're going with that matters.

"...provide one-liners with... (Below threshold)

"...provide one-liners without any content."

Yeah, that sums up your post fine.

Of course, it also sums up mine.

You'd appreciate brevity more, I guess, if you worked a job like those damn elites.

Um, is that a Dude, Wher... (Below threshold)

Um, is that a Dude, Where's My Country? moment?






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