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Democratic Blogger Canned Over Criticism

If you're going to take a position with a party or campaign, don't expect to be able to voice an opinion that's "off message."

BOSTON -- The authors of the online diaries known as "blogs," are known for their fierce independence -- but one was so true to that tradition that he quickly lost his slot on the official blog of the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) this week because of a critical comment on an unrelated group blog. Senior Writer Drew Clark reports that the deleted blogger, Matt Stoller, was the "blog community coordinator" for the DNCC, which organized the convention here. On Monday, opening day, he critiqued convention keynote speaker Barack Obama by unfavorably comparing him with Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, the Democratic candidate for vice president.
Dave Winer notes that Stoller wasn't only mildly critical, and his assessment of the situation was accurate. It's another excellent piece of PR work from DNCC! (Example 1, Example 2)

Update: It's also worth noting that all of the stumbles the DNCC has made with bloggers seem to point back to one person - Eric Schulse.


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Comments (10)

The story in the National J... (Below threshold)

The story in the National Journal is inaccurate. Eric's a great guy with tremendous integrity.

Seems this one was wrong. <... (Below threshold)

Seems this one was wrong.

Ha! As if the masses of"y... (Below threshold)

Ha! As if the masses of"young pinoeers" waving pre-chosen placards weren't creepy enough...

DIdn't THK tell Brokaw ( when he put her on the spot to tell him what she meant by un-american traits)

"Un-American to me, American politics means the art of the possible, means discussion, I mean, for lack of a better word, a Socratic behavior. You look at some of the Southern Democrats who are different from other Democrats and likewise Republicans. It's now not allowed, almost, in the Republican Party to have that kind of a difference. And I think that's very sad. It's really becoming not American in the old context of politics. It's becoming something different."

Can we call them unamerican yet?

That's "Young Pioneers" , n... (Below threshold)

That's "Young Pioneers" , not young Pinacoladas.

They delinked him? Damn the... (Below threshold)

They delinked him? Damn them!

Well, they're off my blogroll, that's for sure.

Note to bloggers: If you wa... (Below threshold)

Note to bloggers: If you want to be part of the story (i.e. bloggers come to the convention!) then you have to be prepared for the negative stories as well.

Seems to me this just goes with the territory. Too bad Matt didn't see it coming.

YIKES! Only yesterday (6:0... (Below threshold)

YIKES! Only yesterday (6:08 A.M., PST), I wrote a parody -- um, serious blog entry -- entitled, "BLAMBLAMBOPBOP" in my own blog, from the opposite polarity. But I've never heard of nor read Stoller's, and, only now see related title through a link provided here (^^).

I hate to think I gave anyone any ideas or reason to doubt their own kind. Strange.

It's here:

Why don't we wait until the... (Below threshold)

Why don't we wait until the Republican convetion, see who spins the most, who focuses on staying "on message" the most, and who waves "pre-chosen" placards the most.

There is very little difference between the two major parties when it comes to spinning the news, staging events, and issuing press releases. The only difference is the lenses through which you choose to view them.

Jack, I've been watching c... (Below threshold)

Jack, I've been watching conventions since Nixon and Humphrey, and while I've seen plenty of official " party favor" signs, it used to be each delegation had a few of their own, and the delegates made many of their own signs.

I've NEVER seen the like of so much effort put into identical mass signage...and the effect is probably not what was intended. Instead of enthusiasm and unity, it looks like
Kim Jong IL 's pr folks got a gig with the DNC.

It is creepy in the extreme. For Kerry would be one thing, but the "We love Theresa" signs and the "elizabeth" signs were freaky.

One more thing - I... (Below threshold)

One more thing -

I think it's different this time, because their trying to hide the moonbats. The only people the convention will touch are swing voters. I'm pretty sure they made al jezeera take down their pre-approved banner to keep blue-collar type swing votes and Jewish peole from going, ok, that's it, I'm voting Republican...

And if every Republican delegate waves an identical We heart Laura sign, I'll eat my pink panties.






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