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Retro Restaurant Trends

While I look forward to a Chuck E. Cheese-free future, some 20-somethings are a bit more nostalgic. From the The New York Post:

Despite the throngs of screaming kids celebrating their birthdays, nostalgic hipsters are eagerly flocking to the new Chuck E. Cheese, in the new Atlantic Terminal.

Chris Punsalan, the 29-year-old frontman of hot Brooklyn indie-rock band the IO's, says he's "totally psyched" about the new restaurant.

"Pizza and games were heaven for me when I was a little kid, although the guys in the big costumes creeped me out," he says.

On Sunday, Punsalan was confronting his terror, happily hanging out at the restaurant with his bandmate/gal pal Autumn Proemm, next to a human dressed as a huge mouse and an equally huge animatronic mouse.

I guess if there was any one restaurant I would be nostalgic for, it might be Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor.

Update: Check out Roger Baker's Farrell's multimedia page, from his Farrell's tribute site. There's a link to a Farrell's produced video of the Zoo announcement and delivery. That should take you back in time...

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These people obviously do n... (Below threshold)

These people obviously do not have kids of their own. I dread when my son begs for the Cheese.

HOLY SHIT! I haven't heard... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

HOLY SHIT! I haven't heard or read anything about Farrell's Ice Cream in YEARS!

Damn! It's like I'm 10 again and I can see the wait staff/performers running up and down the aisles with the big drum of frozen goodness...

Only bad memory is when I there was a birthday party at the Farrell's across from the Sacramento Metro Airport and during an air show an F-86 crashed into it, killing 22.

Ditto on Farrell's. I still... (Below threshold)

Ditto on Farrell's. I still have my, "I made a pig out of my self at Farrell's" ribbon from the late 70's. Eating that trough was quite an achievement for an eighty pound sixth-grader.

GAWD! Chuck-E-Cheese? I ref... (Below threshold)

GAWD! Chuck-E-Cheese? I refuse point-blank to go anywhere near the place, no matter how much my kids beg and plead.

They have Chuck E Cheeses f... (Below threshold)

They have Chuck E Cheeses for adults - they're called Dave and Buster's. Kids aren't allowed after 9 or 10 pm.

Yes, Farrell's, where if yo... (Below threshold)

Yes, Farrell's, where if you played your cards right and learned the shift changes you could have three birthdays a month until someone wised up!

And don't forget the big ba... (Below threshold)

And don't forget the big bass drum they pounded and the sirens as they brought you your trough. Plus the nifty candy store on the way out.

I have not had a decent chocolate malt since my last trip to Farrell's which must have been prior to 1988.

Yeah, used to LOVE that pla... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

Yeah, used to LOVE that place but they closed the one in Sacramento a LONG time ago.

I've never heard of Farrell... (Below threshold)

I've never heard of Farrell's but all the stuff about the trough and the pig sound an awful lot like what Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure based the Napoleon/Ziggy-Piggy business on.

Wow, I remember Farrell's! ... (Below threshold)
David C:

Wow, I remember Farrell's! Until now, I always thought it was strictly a Washington-area chain, though - never knew it was so widespread.

Fascinating web site, too. Reading the history, it's amazing how badly they screwed up a good thing, and how many businesses do similar things. I mean, the idea of getting rid of the player piano and the sirens and drums? Those things were the whole *point* of going to Farrell's!

El Jefe, several years afte... (Below threshold)

El Jefe, several years after that crash, a new ice cream parlor opened near the former Farrell's -- much controversy over the idea at the time. It was a local chain, Leatherby's.

Oh, and the airport was Sacramento Executive Airport (may have been Municipal at the time, don't remember when the change) -- Metro (now International) is the one way out in the rice paddies near the Sutter County line.

Oh my goodness! I haven't t... (Below threshold)

Oh my goodness! I haven't thought about, or even heard anything about Farrells in years! That was a great place.

were discussing Farrell's t... (Below threshold)
Johnnie Blaze:

were discussing Farrell's this evening and found this. Does anyone know where to find a Farrell's in the DC area?

my kids are now in their la... (Below threshold)

my kids are now in their late 30's and they remember going to farrell's. they tell their kids about it and would like to take them to one. anyone know where there is one near riverside, ca.






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