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Who Is John Kerry?

The Economist has an interesting article on John Kerry, and in a sidebar I found this poll on the characteristics of the two candidates for president.


Make of that what you will...


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Comments (9)

Almost 40 percent would han... (Below threshold)

Almost 40 percent would hang out for coffee or beer with Dick Cheney? Republican or not, that seems a little high. ;)

I think it is pretty balanc... (Below threshold)

I think it is pretty balanced and seems to reflect the trends at this point.

Jess, I'm assuming this is ... (Below threshold)

Jess, I'm assuming this is after Cheney's "Go f**k yourself!" comment. His stock went up a point or two in my book. :-)

I think one of the most telling signs of the poll is the percentage of people that view either candidate as "trustworthy."

Look at the numbers for tou... (Below threshold)

Look at the numbers for tough. This poll was obviously taken after Mr. Sperm made his appearance.

I'd hang out with Cheney fa... (Below threshold)

I'd hang out with Cheney far faster than I'd hang with Kerry. At least with Cheney, I have something to talk about.

Yeah, I think Edwards would... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I think Edwards would be relatively boring to hang out with. Cheney at least must have some interesting stories.

Actually, I'm glad they put that hang-out-with question in there. I think perceptions like that have a much larger impact on the final results than people realize. There's an extent to which people realize in the back of their minds that whoever wins will be on TV for the next 4 years. It might as well be someone you can stand.

While people would want to ... (Below threshold)

While people would want to hang out with Kerry, Kerry wouldn't want to hang out with them...

Is this poll supposed to em... (Below threshold)
Gary Feezel:

Is this poll supposed to embarass Kerry? It doesn't make Bush look that exciting either. If you average out all the scores, giving Bush a 55, and Kerry a 45 for "hang" appeal (and you could hang them both as far as I'm concerned) the average would be Bush 54, Kerry 54.7. Which tells me I'm right, there's very little difference between the two. I'll stay with my vote for the Libertarian Badnarik.

The poll isn't supposed to ... (Below threshold)

The poll isn't supposed to do anything. It's just information, albeit somewhat interesting, readers were invited to decipher it's meaning.






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