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Bathroom Blogging

The decision has been made - today was day one of potty training for out twin boys. So far so good, though the hardwood floors and carpets are screaming for mercy. Luckily for us Blues Clues is on the case...


Actually I was just kidding about Blues Clues - we're using Once Upon A Potty, though I wouldn't mind being able to do Toilet Training in Less Than A Day.

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The favorite at my house fo... (Below threshold)

The favorite at my house for potty training time was "Everyone Poops" supplemented with a healthy dosage of "The Gas We Pass."

Potty humor never ceases to amuse.

Kevin, I'm a strong believe... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I'm a strong believer in the "7 days and $75" method. You just let them piss themselves in their clothes for a couple days and it dawns on them that they need to use the toilet.

The $75 is for carpet cleaning.


(Disclaimer: I have two non-twin boys).






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