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Kerry’s speech: By the numbers

Time John Kerry spent serving in Viet Nam: 4 months
Time John Kerry spent serving in the United States Senate: 20 years

Total length of time of Kerry’s active military service: 4 years
Total length of time of Kerry’s holding of public office: 27 years

Number of references to his Viet Nam service in Kerry’s acceptance speech: 14
Number of references to his Senate service in Kerry’s acceptance speech: 2
Number of references to his non-Senate public service in Kerry’s acceptance speech: 2

"Now I think I'm going down to the well tonight
And I'm going to drink till I get my fill.
And I hope when I get old I don't sit around thinking about it,
But I probably will.
Yeah, just sitting back, trying to recapture,
A little of the glory of...
Well, time slips away
And leaves you with nothing mister but
Boring stories of glory days."



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Comments (5)

Regardless of the amount of... (Below threshold)

Regardless of the amount of time Senator Kerry spent in Vietnam compared to his time in the Senate, it is asinine to expect the number of years spent on a particular experience to direct the amount of time one spends discussing an issue in a speech. We are a nation at war. We must have issues relating to war acknowledged and discussed. Senator Kerry referred to his experience in combat in order to express his stance on the war we are now fighting.

Furthermore, you are a fool if you believe that the number of years Kerry has spent dealing with his experience in Vietnam is four years. Ask any veteran who risked their lives for our great nation, and you will know that the experience of dealing with their time in combat and the war is a lifelong struggle for peace, understanding, and making life better so that their bravery was not in vain.

Charlene, you missed my poi... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Charlene, you missed my point. Kerry's speech -- and much of his campaign -- is focused on four months of his life 35 years ago. He's done practically nothing since. I challenge ANYONE to name at least three significant things Kerry has done over his 20 years in the Senate, especially in light of his missing 5 out of every 6 votes over the last year.

I might have voted for Lieutenant Kerry. But he's been gone for 35 years, and all that's left is a flip-flopping, waffling, botoxed gigolo who has to stretch back decades for moments of significance and relevance.

I also recall Kerry saying back in 1992 that it was time to get over Viet Nam, that it was no longer relevant what someone did or didn't do back then. Just another flip-flop...


I continue to be dumbfounde... (Below threshold)

I continue to be dumbfounded by the apparent appeal of Kerry's short military/combat history when we all know that the next chapter in his life was dedicated to denouncing that war, that experience and his "band of brothers" whom he served with in Viet Nam. I mean, shit...he called them war criminals. He said HE was a war criminal. I guess some chapter in a life are more relevent than others. But certainly RECENT chapters should be MOST relevent in this case. GOD forbid I should apply for a job today touting my experience at a 20 year old at the exclusion of the past 20 years job experience.

Last night when he went on and on about the flag and all those idgits in the crowd waving theirs, knowing full well that Kerry has the upside down flag as a parody photo an his book from his past and the dancing flag waving kool aid drinkers would be mortified to wear a flag, wave a flag in any other setting.


Kerry used the word "I" 110... (Below threshold)

Kerry used the word "I" 110 times during his speech. Contrast that with the other JFK who used it 30 times in his speech in 1960.

This argument is so petty a... (Below threshold)

This argument is so petty and stupid as to not be worth commenting on. I was not at the convention, but I share much in common with the people who were, and I wave my flag every freakin' day. What is it about some of you people who feel that you are the only one'e entitled to wave the flag. The real issue here is that the President did not show up for service in the TANG, not that Kerry has not showed up for some votes. This issue REALLY gets under your skin doesnt it?

The ACTION FIGURE president shows up on an Aircraft Carrier and declares mission accomplished, and now looks like a total moron as 700 troops have died since then in Iraq. Bush's record with TANG is a disgrace. As was his record as Gov. of Texas and as a Businessman who failed at practically everything his dad arranged for him.

So it drives you "moon"-batty to think that Kerry's record will be compared with Bush's. Jay you climb all up my a** about a parody Bush speach on my site, but then proceed to call Kerry a gigalo? You need to check the hypocrisy at the door dude.

As for the insults against the delegates... Like I said in my Blog yesterday. I challenged ONE of the people who run arround calling people idiots and moonbats, to do it to their face, especially a couple of 300 pound NFL and NBA players I know who are voting for Kerry. These types of insults are the domain of the coward. It is easy to talk about people when you are not doing it in their face.

I have strong dissagreements with some positions on the right, others I agree with, but I NEVER insult people for their opinion. I will go after Bush and the rest of the Keystone Kabinnete all day long, but contrary to what I see from others on the right and yeah on the left too, I dont get into personal slams as a way of making my point. It appeals only to the instincts of the mob, not intelligent discourse.






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