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Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, that means so it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners in the special midweek caption contest have been announced.

Update 2: Winners announced. Admittedly they were announced 5 days late, but who's counting? Comments are now closed.


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Comments (50)

Looks like Batman didn't ge... (Below threshold)

Looks like Batman didn't get all the Joker Products off the shelves after all.

Do I have any escargot caug... (Below threshold)

Do I have any escargot caught in my teeth? No? Good. Let me see yours.

"Raawwrrr!" growls Presiden... (Below threshold)

"Raawwrrr!" growls Presidential hopeful Kerry.

"Raaaawwwrrrr!!!" running mate / playmate Edwards enthusiastically responds.

No, that really is a flashl... (Below threshold)

No, that really is a flashlight in my pocket....but I am happy to see you!

"Oh, I thought I was leadin... (Below threshold)

"Oh, I thought I was leading!!!"

"Looks like *you* could use... (Below threshold)

"Looks like *you* could use a visit from the BALCO people, Mr. President," laughed the VP hopeful.

"Looks like YOU could use some more Viagra, Little John," he guffawed in reply.

"Can you believe they actua... (Below threshold)

"Can you believe they actually bought that?"

I can't believe you snuck i... (Below threshold)

I can't believe you snuck in the "hair polution" in Harlem line -- and the silly negroes will vote for us anyway!

I thought you told me <i... (Below threshold)

I thought you told me hope. That's funny, I thought you told me help. He he he he he.

Irrational exuberance is mo... (Below threshold)

Irrational exuberance is more than a pipe dream - it can be yours with a simple visit to your psychiatrist.

Brought to you by the National Lithium Council.

Kerry: Can you believe that... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

Kerry: Can you believe that we've got Al Sharpton AND Howard Dean campaining for us?

Edwards: I know! But it's still not as good as those pictures of you in the Bunny Suit!

So while there’s music and ... (Below threshold)

So while there’s music and love and romance,
Let’s face the music and dance.

HAHA! Good one, John! Whi... (Below threshold)

HAHA! Good one, John! While we're talking about hamsters, let me tell you a little story about the time I saved...

Edwards: You really did it... (Below threshold)

Edwards: You really did it last night! I couldn't believe it! You actually opened your speech with a salute! You're such an ass! Kerry: I know! You owe me 50 bucks! Did you see Theresa's face? She would have lost it if it wasn't for the Botox! Both laugh like the Count from Sesame Street.

WE can do betterWe C... (Below threshold)

WE can do better
We CAN do better
WE can DO better... yeah that's it we can DO better
Do - do better

How about here? Does this t... (Below threshold)

How about here? Does this tickle?

JINX!!!!... (Below threshold)


the yuck yuck boys............ (Below threshold)

the yuck yuck boys..................

oh my God!! I never imagine... (Below threshold)

oh my God!! I never imagined it would feel this good!!

Oh! I know...me either!!
Isn't it great?

"McCain-Feingold"... (Below threshold)


Kerry: "Can you believe som... (Below threshold)

Kerry: "Can you believe some people say I'm two-faced?"

Edwards: "Incredible. I mean, if you had two faces, would you go out in public wearing that one?"

Kerry: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" (I'm going to have you killed, you little @#$!er.)

" Three Purple Hearts"... (Below threshold)

" Three Purple Hearts"

Kerry: Arrrgh, I HATE it wh... (Below threshold)

Kerry: Arrrgh, I HATE it when my face freezes like this. [Bleep]ing botox.
Edwards: s'okay, just laugh, and I'll cover for you by laughing like I've just won a rediculously frivoulous lawsuit.

"You been working out John?... (Below threshold)

"You been working out John?" "No, but I DID serve in Vietnam."

John : "Man, you have two l... (Below threshold)

John : "Man, you have two left feet."
John : "Just keep going and we'll seal the Sully vote"

"I said, "God Bless America... (Below threshold)

"I said, "God Bless America!"

"YOU said, "God Bless America!"

"Oh, hahahahahahahahahahaha..."
"Oh, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..."

"I said, then YOU said, oh, hahahahahahahahahahah..."

My mouthwash is better than... (Below threshold)

My mouthwash is better than your mouthwash.

Caption Two:"Docto... (Below threshold)

Caption Two:

"Doctors are studying an eruption of the Frozen Face Syndrome that has infected John Kerry and John Edwards as they departed from Boston on Friday morning, although it is suspected that the new Syndrome, as yet never before observed, is associated with a combination of the use of the drug, Xanax, and any close body contact between a billionaire and a multi-millionaire.

"However, doctors are puzzled as to possible treatments for the Syndrome, and suggest that it run it's course, which should last through the month of November, at which time, the Frozen Faces will slide into a pool under the chins of those afflicted with the puzzling Syndrome.

"A study of the Syndrome will be possible if forty million dollars and a few hundred human embryos can be made available, and Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards are appealing to the public for the donation of as many embryos and quarters as can be collected in the month of August."

"... and then I gave it to ... (Below threshold)

"... and then I gave it to Moore"

"And he actually ate it?"

"Yah. He'll eat anything."

or, less wonkishly....... (Below threshold)

or, less wonkishly....

"Campaign ..haha... finance ... hahahaha... reform!"

"Stop it ... bwahaha... you're killing me!"

"Shovve it!""No, Y... (Below threshold)

"Shovve it!"

"No, YOU, YOU shove it!"

"Ha, fella, no YOU shove it! SHOVE IT!"

"Hahahah, no YOU!"

"YOU, YOU first!"

"No, YOU, just do it! YOU SHOVE IT! Shove it, I say!"

"Hahaha, no, YOU!"

"NO, YOU...hahahaaha..."


Kerry and Edwards are alrea... (Below threshold)

Kerry and Edwards are already like life-long pals. Instead of an old pastime, the staring contest, they enjoy a game with their own twist; "Face off." Whoever fake laughs the longest, wins.

"Who'd have thought a coupl... (Below threshold)

"Who'd have thought a couple of metrosexuals can represent a stronger America?"

Arcane chemistry: "Heh, you're right. A stronger Americium ought to scare the heck out of our so-called enemies!"

So Bill Clinton walks into ... (Below threshold)

So Bill Clinton walks into a bar...

"Stop laughing.""N... (Below threshold)

"Stop laughing."

"No, YOU stop laughing."

"You started it."

"No, YOU did."

"Knock knock.""Who... (Below threshold)

"Knock knock."

"Who's there?"

"Pull my."

"Dude, that is so NOT funny."

"Reporting for DOOTY! Get i... (Below threshold)

"Reporting for DOOTY! Get it!"

"You're cra... You're crazy man. You're Crazy. I like you but, you're Crazy."

JK: John, laissez-maintena... (Below threshold)

JK: John, laissez-maintenant moi vous montrer que le mouvement Jacques Chirac m'a enseigné.
JE: I have no idea what you are saying, but it sounds like you are coming on to me.
JK: Danse, John! Danse!
JE: Oh, I get it! This is the part where we dance, drink wine and eat cheese then consumate our love.
JK: Heh, heh, heh.
JE: Ha, ha, ha.

Imagine if it had been my <... (Below threshold)

Imagine if it had been my blue suit.

THE TWO JOHNS LOOKED FLUSHE... (Below threshold)
Rochelle Siegel Smith:


GOD BLESS AMERICAN MEN? HA,... (Below threshold)
Rochelle Siegel Smith:


"They say that love don't p... (Below threshold)

"They say that love don't pay the rent;
Before it's earned the money's all been spent"

"Well I guess that we don't got alot;
But at least I'm sure of all the things we've got, babe..."

"I've got you babe."

"Let's dance, put on your r... (Below threshold)

"Let's dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues"

"I SAID 'reporting for BOOT... (Below threshold)

"I SAID 'reporting for BOOTY' but Richardson edited my ass!"

"HA, I thought you said 'reporing for DOOZY!" You DID, you DID say 'reporting for DOOZY!"

"FLOOZY, DOOZY, BOOTY, hahahaa, it's all the SAME, man, ALL THE SAME!"

"I SAID 'reporting for BOOT... (Below threshold)

"I SAID 'reporting for BOOTY' but Richardson edited my ass!"

"HA, I thought you said 'reporting for DOOZY!" You DID, you DID say 'reporting for DOOZY!"

"FLOOZY, DOOZY, BOOTY, hahahaa, it's all the SAME, man, ALL THE SAME!"

(^^)...eeek, sorry.<p... (Below threshold)

(^^)...eeek, sorry.

Second one has corrected typo.

#2.... "I know Eli... (Below threshold)


"I know Elizabeth hasn't been taking good care of you, little buddy. But don't worry, HELP IS ON THE WAY!"

Hey there Middle America, g... (Below threshold)

Hey there Middle America, guess who they're laughing at?

"Man! That's really GOOD ko... (Below threshold)
John from Detroit:

"Man! That's really GOOD kool-aid!!"

(Channeling the old Muppet ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

(Channeling the old Muppet Show ballroom dancing skit)

"Hey, did you hear Kevin forgot to pick a winner for last week's caption contest?"
"No, but if you hum a few bars, I can fake it!"







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