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A non-apology

A little while ago I wrote a piece about Theresa Heinz Kerry’s blow-up at a reporter. I included a bit of a snarky cheap shot at her expense, which nearly everyone focused on to the exclusion of the main point of my piece. I’ve been giving that a lot of thought, and I think I have found a solution for similar situations in the future.

If, in the future, someone questions or objects to what I say, I shall react in three phases:
1) First, I shall deny having said it.
B) Second, I shall assail the person who brings it up.
III) Finally, I shall terminate the conversation with that person abruptly and on my terms, by banning them from further comments.

This technique has been publicly tested, and it works. If past performance is any indicator, my use of this technique should win me wide praise as a strong, outspoken, opinionated, and forceful, and win me the respect and admiration of people far and wide. And if not, then they’re simply ignorant and bigoted.

(My thanks to Oliver for helping me properly discover this technique)


Clarification: Oliver, to the best of my knowledge, hasn't banned me from commenting on his site. My inspiration remains Teresa Heinz Kerry's "Shove it" and storming off to a journalist who had the unmitigated gall to actually hear her words and ask for clarification. It was Oliver's comments to my earlier piece that drew me to readdress the issue, NOT any action he may or may not have taken. If that was misunderstood (and, judging by David and Oliver's comments, it clearly was), I accept the responsibility for that and apologize to Oliver, David, and anyone else who thought I was accusing Oliver of censorship. That was certainly not my intention.

As a matter of fact, I have engaged in several spirited arguments in the comments of both their respective blogs, and fully expect to do so again.

Clarification II: Crap, here I have a perfect opportunity to put my new policy into effect, and I blow it!
OK, consider the above statement no longer operative. The true response is:
David, Oliver, I never said any such things! Stop putting words in my mouth! Cram it, you two twits! When will you stop taking Soros' money and mouthing his words? You're never allowed to post here again!

(cue the praise for my "strong-willed, outspoken, forceful manner")


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Comments (15)

Admit it, JT. You're a Ramo... (Below threshold)

Admit it, JT. You're a Ramone.

My ex took her screen name ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

My ex took her screen name from the Ramones, TC. She was heartbroken over the passing of Joey and DeeDee. Them's fighting words...


Make sure that part B inclu... (Below threshold)

Make sure that part B includes unfounded accusations of racism.

Ah, the ever refreshing ret... (Below threshold)

Ah, the ever refreshing retort of "the strong, opinionated woman..." by liberals, whenever someone ~displays questionable behavior~ among the left.

I also like the recent "Golden Boy" thing plastered upon Obama, with obvious mysterious messages, by Democrats.

We need some sort of seal (emblem, icon, not marine mammal bu that does give me an idea) that indicates the "(Teresa) Non-Apology" in use, when used. I'll work on something...

Shouldn't there be a part w... (Below threshold)

Shouldn't there be a part where you enlist surrogates to question the timing of your critics?

Oliver cracks me up. His sm... (Below threshold)

Oliver cracks me up. His smug condescension is particularly ironic considering the nonsensicalness of most of his posts.

He rabidly bashes conservatives for days and then complains about "right wing hatred" guess he is too broke to afford a mirror. (But I'm sure he's broke because the white man won't let him make a living.)

The guy could not reason his way out of a paper bag if there were holes on both ends.

What else could you expect ... (Below threshold)

What else could you expect from a Soros funded blogger?

Oliver did that? I am surpr... (Below threshold)

Oliver did that? I am surprised to be honest. I dissagree with a lot of stuff from the right, but I will never ban anyone unless they get unduly personal, and I mean they would have to be real nasty. I thought what you said about Mrs. Kerry was tacky, becuase I felt you were calling her a gold digger, which has nothing to do with the political discourse, but that was my opinion.

David, if you believe anyth... (Below threshold)

David, if you believe anything this guy writes, you're a bigger sucker than I.

You don't have to believe i... (Below threshold)

You don't have to believe it to enjoy it.

Right on Jay, thats the spi... (Below threshold)

Right on Jay, thats the spirit. And you are welcome to debate on my Blog anytime.

I'm wondering why Mrs. Hei... (Below threshold)

I'm wondering why Mrs. Heinz-Kerry is listened too at all. She has two accomplishments in her life, the marrying of a rich man and, after his death, the spending his money on causes that would horrify him. This is not to say she hasn't the right to speak, I simply question the judgement of those who would listen.
It's much like Oliver. I passionately defend his right to speak. More passionately yet I defend my right to ignore the punk.

You had me nodding my head ... (Below threshold)

You had me nodding my head there Pete, right up to the point where you called Oliver a Punk. While I dont know enough about the politics of Senator Heinz to comment on that part. I heard that he was a moderate Republican, whatever that means. Anyway, I am not here to defend Oliver, I suspect he does a good enough job of that himself. But again I am forced to wonder whether all the namecalling that goes on would go on fact to face. I can tell you this, calling me a punk online has absolutely no effect on me whatsoever, doing in person will open a can of whup ass, and there are few on the left or right who would give me pause to worry about who the can would be opened on. I personally think all our points can be made without all the juvenile name calling and personalization of attacks.
I have found myself on many occassions dissagreeing with Oliver, but have never called him a name. And as for here, there are people whom I dissagree with daily, but you will not find ONE example of me calling them an idiot, wingnut, or any of the other names floating arround. Personally I find that it dilutes the discourse and tends to overshadow the things that have been said that I might have agreed with or at least respected.

David Anderson is right. Th... (Below threshold)

David Anderson is right. The name calling just gets in the way of rational discourse. It's like "e-mail bravado" -- people say things in dashed-off e-mails, posts, and comments that they wouldn't say face-to-face. And it's not just a matter of avoiding an ass-whupping in a face-to-face discussion. It's a matter of seeing the face in front of you and thinking something like this: "Here's another human being. He or she is worthy of my respect until he or she proves otherwise." or "I was taught good manners as a child and I've found that good manners generally garner civility and a respectful hearing from others."

Right On Tom. I think it is... (Below threshold)

Right On Tom. I think it is often a question of upbringing.






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