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Youthful indiscretions

(Author’s note: I didn’t feel like bothering to look up precise birth dates and dates of events. Therefore, all ages cited herein are +/- 1 year.)

Age of Theresa Heinz Kerry when she called Ted Kennedy a “perfect bastard” and the Democratic machine “putrid:” 37

Age of John Forbes Kerry when he testified before Congress about witnessing and participating in war crimes in Viet Nam: 28

Age of George W. Bush when he left the Texas Air National Guard: 27

Age of Ted Kennedy when he drove a car off a bridge, swam ashore, then desperately tried to cover it up and distance himself while a young woman spent several hours drowning in the back: 37

Age of Bill Clinton when he wrote his famous “I loathe the military” letter to the ROTC to avoid fulfilling his obligation to serve: 23

Age of Monica Lewinsky when she begins her affair with President Bill Clinton, age 49 at the time: 21

Age of John W. Hinckley, Jr. when he shot and wounded President Ronald Reagan: 28

Age of Lee Harvey Oswald when he shot and killed President Kennedy: 24

Age of Adolf Hitler when he wrote “Mein Kampf:” 34

Age of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is named the first president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference: 28

Age of Audie Murphy, most highly decorated American in World War II, when he retired from the Army after winning 33 medals, including being awarded the Congressional Medal Of Honor: 21

Res ipsa loquitur.



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Comments (7)

Somebody's been drinking th... (Below threshold)

Somebody's been drinking the hunter S. conspiracy juice.

ah yes, the energy of youth... (Below threshold)

ah yes, the energy of youth....

This all makes me feel so i... (Below threshold)

This all makes me feel so insignificant. Here I am, in my mid-30s, and I haven't even killed a date or committed any war crimes yet. What a slacker I am ...

(Pssst. Hey, Chaos? Kill an... (Below threshold)

(Pssst. Hey, Chaos? Kill any cats and THIS too can be yours.)

Don't trust anyone over....... (Below threshold)

Don't trust anyone over....28?

I am trying to figure out t... (Below threshold)

I am trying to figure out the point of all this.

Point? A point only gets in... (Below threshold)

Point? A point only gets in the way.






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