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CNN shills for Kerry

Both Kevin and I blogged the same story about Kerry not getting a bump in the polls from the convention.

I mentioned it was an "understatement" to say Kerry got no bounce because in reality it was Bush who got a 4 point bounce.

But CNN took it a step further, not only did they ignore Bush got a 4 point bump, check the headline:

Poll: No 'bounce' for Kerry so far

(CNN) -- The race between President Bush and Sen. John Kerry is as close as it has ever been, even after the Democratic National Convention last week, according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Sunday.

No bounce "So Far" from the convention... What- Is he going to do better at the second convention?

It almost sounds like CNN is trying not to give up hope.


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Comments (8)

Paul,FYI-the Newswee... (Below threshold)

FYI-the Newsweek Poll does show a 4 point bump for Kerry. So, at best, it's a wash for Kerry---which, looking at historical precedent, is VERY VERY bad for him.

Maybe Kerry will get his po... (Below threshold)

Maybe Kerry will get his post-convention bounce on November 3.

What's that, Senator? You say the election is November 2?

Sucks to be you, don't it?

"is as close as it has ever... (Below threshold)

"is as close as it has ever been"?

If those pesky HS math classes taught me anything, wouldn't that Kerry 47%, Bush 46% be just a *little bit* closer?

I guess it depends on who's doing the pole-ing. Err, make that "polling".

I saw that too Tony but pas... (Below threshold)

I saw that too Tony but passed.

Rusty to be frank- It really does not matter much to me what the polls say today. I'm (especially on this post) commneting on the way the media hadles the information as much as on the information itself.


WOW not my computer and the... (Below threshold)

WOW not my computer and they don't have auto spell check.. As you an see, I'm spoiled.

Just screw your thumb in an... (Below threshold)

Just screw your thumb in an orifice ... they will never give anything other than a Kerry bump.

Doesn't the "So far" bit re... (Below threshold)

Doesn't the "So far" bit refer to the fact that the Newsweek poll was taken during the middle of the convention, before Kerry's triumphant (snerk!) speech?

No, you are on the wrong po... (Below threshold)

No, you are on the wrong poll... Read the article. This poll was taken on the 2 days AFTER the convention.






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