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Promises, Promises

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't insinuating that you're going to get killed protesting the Republican National Convention put a bit of a damper on turnout?

Related - Allah examines the protesters policy on terrorism, and Scott gets a mention in the New York Times for a civic beautification project.


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Is the convention being hel... (Below threshold)

Is the convention being held in Mexico?

Let's all take a minute to reflect on exactly how much coverage was given to those protesting the Democrat convention (virtually none); gee, do you think the media will ignore protests at the Republican convention as well?

I actually hope they don't ... (Below threshold)

I actually hope they don't ignore the protestors at the RNC--since the natural reaction is to associate those objecting to the GOP as being more inclined to side with the DNC.

Arguably an unfair association? Yeah, but since the majority of the protestors will be virulently anti-war and anti-Bush, it's not an unreasonable association.

The more coverage of that there is, the more it will benefit Bush as people don't want to associate with such jagoffs.






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