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Al-Sadr Surrounded?

FOXNews is reporting that AFP is reporting that a village containing Mohammad Al-Sadr is surrounded and smoke is raising from at least one home. No link yet, I'm looking.

This would be a major score in the war on terror.

John Kerry has already questioned the timing of this news.

UK Telegraph

Command Post via the fastest linker in the world.


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Comments (11)

I'm sure John Kerry will al... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I'm sure John Kerry will also question the timing of the Republican National Convention, asserting that it would not have been planned and executed were this not an election year. ;)

I love this new, "Democrats... (Below threshold)

I love this new, "Democrats have questioned the timing of..." meme. It definitely has legs. Plus, "Did you know John Kerry served in Vietnam?" jokes were getting old.

Beck - Do you read the pape... (Below threshold)

Beck - Do you read the papers?

My bad Beck. I mis-read you... (Below threshold)

My bad Beck. I mis-read you.

I thought you were trying to make the case it was unwarranted. I'm sure some goober will.

Do you have a link for the ... (Below threshold)

Do you have a link for the Kerry comments. I would like to read them. Or are you pulling a Michael Moore on us and fudging the facts?

Sigh- It's called satire-</... (Below threshold)

Sigh- It's called satire-

Don't feel bad Paul. For so... (Below threshold)

Don't feel bad Paul. For some people that word just has too many syllables.

I finally took to putting a... (Below threshold)

I finally took to putting a "[/sarcasm] tag after things like that so people wouldn't take it seriously... sigh.

P.S. If we do arrest Sadr (... (Below threshold)

P.S. If we do arrest Sadr (or kill him), would you like to take bets on whether or not a higher-up in the Dem party questions the timing? (I said higher-up because the DU will obviously question the timing, and probably claim we were holding him for months or that it's not Sadr or that it was the Mossad that got him or...).

...and God help us if he is... (Below threshold)

...and God help us if he is wearing an Orange Jumpsuit.

Would it be so hard for Joh... (Below threshold)

Would it be so hard for John Kerry to say, "well done," or even, "good" now and then?

I can't figure his guy out, or Democrats for that matter, who are quite so stuck on not making sense.

Is their objective to LOSE? Because theyr'e making great headway there. Fine by me but so goes these ongoing and stoopid comments that Kerry makes under a semblance of "leadership."

Imagine Kerry in the White House (I know, I know, but just as an experience here then you can completely erase it from your mind): he's in the Oval Office, a terrorist act occurs, he says, "we need Congress to meet as soon as possible! And someone wake up the U.N. and get them to assemble! And then we need to make it clear that this attack was inopportune, was planned to occur on this day, and that's just not right."

Umm, hookay, Kerry. Please just go away, you terrorist Pet Rock, you.






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