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I Need A New Phone

Damn my cell phone for not having a built-in digital camera...

Driving to work this morning I hear on one of the local morning shows that there's a jumper on the roof of a local hotel. As luck would have it, my commute takes me right past the spot the jumper is at... And there I am in my car with no digital camera...

Since I didn't have a camera you'll have to image a coked-out guy, clad only in white boxers, pacing the ledge at the top of this three story hotel

You'll have to image a coked-out guy, clad only in white boxers, pacing the ledge at the top of this three story hotel. When I passed it, he was laying on ledge yelling back and forth with police. I did see a police officer stationed on the highway off-ramp taking pictures with a camera that had a serious zoom lens; I was jealous...

If the guy really wanted to kill himself he could have picked any of a number of nearby buildings that are a bit taller...

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You're phone prob. would no... (Below threshold)

You're phone prob. would not have picked it up. They don't do well when it comes to distance.

Was Mel Gibson there too? ... (Below threshold)

Was Mel Gibson there too? And did he handcuff himself to the guy?

Kevin - I never go anywhere... (Below threshold)

Kevin - I never go anywhere in this area without a camera handy ...

The LD-50 [lethel dose - 50... (Below threshold)

The LD-50 [lethel dose - 50%] for jumping is seven stories. In other words, 50% of jumpers will die if they jump from 7 stories. All this guy would do is put himself into a wheelchair for life.

Like Bill, I take my camera... (Below threshold)

Like Bill, I take my camera with me everywhere. Not that I've seen much that's bizarre, but you never know.

Treo 600 Kevin, or Sony Eri... (Below threshold)

Treo 600 Kevin, or Sony Ericsson 610. My weapons of choice. Or a Palm Zire 72, keep your life organized and take snaps too. (This unpaid advertisment from PalmOne Products has been presented by the biggest Palm Solutions Integrator in Latin America) ;-)

What shameless self-promoti... (Below threshold)

What shameless self-promotion, David. You liberals are all alike!

Note: For the humor-impaired, that was a joke. David's a (misguided, of course) friend of mine.

Hold the Phone... Hehe... "... (Below threshold)

Hold the Phone... Hehe... "Hold the Phone," that was cute. I may be closing a deal with Microsoft Latin America this week, so I can blab on about how cool Microsoft MobileWindows based phones are cool and all that. And Boyd Good News, I hear they are so easy, that even Conservatives like you and Kevin will be able to use them. Hot Damn you can finally give up mobile communication by smokesignal! LMAO!

Usual Disclaimer: That too was a joke, Hardy Har Har!
Glad you are back Boyd. Did you know Bo now has a Blog, he dropped by In Search of Utopia yesterday and everything. If I aint careful, with all the Conservative types hanging out on my Blog, like Kevin, Bo and Beck I might getted kicked out of the Secret Moonbat Alliance!






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