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U.S. Factories BOOMING!

Notice the Dems never call it the "Bush Economy" anymore?

US factories enter longest stretch of rapid growth in 30 years

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The American manufacturing sector sped up activity in July, cementing the longest stretch of rapid growth in more than 30 years, a survey showed.

The Institute for Supply Management purchasing managers' index (PMI), based on a survey of supply executives, rose 0.9 point from June to 62.0 in July, in line with private economists' forecasts.

It was the 14th consecutive reading above 50 points, which indicates an expansion in activity.

"The manufacturing sector continues to grow at a rapid rate as the PMI has now been above 60 percent for nine consecutive months," survey chief Norbert Ore said in a statement.

"This is the longest period of growth above 60 percent since the 12-month period of July 1972 through June 1973," he said.

Even with the internet bubble happening under his watch, the Clinton economy never did as well as the Bush economy.

If only the dumbass Republicans would talk about it as much as Clinton did, the election would be a foregone conclusion.

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You brought an interesting ... (Below threshold)

You brought an interesting concept to the economy. Most people equate a "Clinton Economy" with the dot-com startups and a period of huge economic growth. The dot-coms came from an invention made public called the Internet, not from any Clinton policies. Dems also fail to mention the sudden fall of the dot-coms as I saw first-hand in Dallas.

Another industry that experienced huge growth during Clinton's years was telecommunications. Literally thousands of companies started up within a couple of years. Of course now we don't have nearly as much. Is that because of a "Bush Economy?" No, it's because they purchased wire, COs and did little to seperate them from each other. Subsequently those smaller telecom companies have been purchased by the larger ones (Ma Bells, MCI, AT&T to name a few). The companies themselves failed due to over-expansion, not a so-called "Bush economy"

Both of these items were starting to fail as Clinton left office handing off a decrepid economy into the hands of Bush, but I am logical therefore I blame Bush. It's always his fault.

Chad,"...but I am ... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:


"...but I am logical therefore I blame Bush."

Yeah, things are all doom and gloom on the economic front, aren't they?

For an excellent visual aid... (Below threshold)

For an excellent visual aid on this issue, check
My Pet Jawa

Its shocking when you see it on a graph.

El Jefe, That was ... (Below threshold)

El Jefe,

That was a sarcastic comment.

Chad,I know. That... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:


I know. That's why I had the 'circle' link.


Economy's up in the manufac... (Below threshold)

Economy's up in the manufacturing sector...means the environmental complaints will start rolling in any day now.







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