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Wendy's Photo Op Disaster

How many strange stories can come out of one photo op? First there was this tidbit from the AP coverage:

Teresa Heinz Kerry pointed at a picture of chili on the menu and asked the cashier what it was before ordering a bowl.
Then there was Kerry's bungled attempt to chat up some Marines eating at the restaurant.

Finally the story that ties up all the loose ends on the Wendy's affair - lunch was actually waiting on the bus. The local newspaper Hudson Valley News reports:

While Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and his running mate, John Edwards, and their families were having a "lite" lunch at Wendy's in the Town of Newburgh Friday, drumming up local support right after the national convention in Boston, their real lunches were waiting on their bus.

A member of the Kerry advance team called Nikola's Restaurant at the Newburgh Yacht Club the night before and ordered 19 five-star lunches to go that would be picked up at noon Friday. Management at the restaurant, which is operated by CIA (ed - Culinary Institute of America) graduate chef Michael Dederick, was told the meals would be for the Kerry and Edwards families and actor Ben Affleck who was with them on the tour.

The gourmet meals to go included shrimp vindallo, grilled diver sea scallops, prosciutto, wrapped stuffed chicken, and steak salad. The meals came to about $200.

While the Edwards' may get some mileage out of the faux populism, it's as transparently fake as it appears to be when the Heinz Kerry's give it a shot.

David Scott Anderson wonders what's all the fuss about this one little event being played out on conservative blogs. He asks a good question, though I suspect he won't like the answer. The Wendy's incident is like a mini Dean scream, an inconsequential event that gets an inordinate amount of attention due to a confluence of media coverage, humor, and a feeling that one is seeing a peek behind the carefully controlled campaign curtains.


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Comments (12)

Not to mention that "John K... (Below threshold)

Not to mention that "John Kerry, Man of the People" is a complete farce.

He and he wife are elitist snobs who have no idea what the problems of regular people are.

I doubt that either candida... (Below threshold)

I doubt that either candidate does Paul. But I am still drooling at both lunches! The best hamburgers in Costa Rica come off my grill, and that Yatch club menu, DAYUM! I wish I was a Kerry insider. I havent eaten like that since the last time I had dinner at Chris and Pitts in San Francisco.

And Kevin, I got it on the Marine thing. War's over. I still think it is kind of silly, but its a silly campaign...

I can't believe that <a hre... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

I can't believe that Jeff G. hasn't picked up on the THK chili faux pas.

It's a real "fake" turkey e... (Below threshold)

It's a real "fake" turkey event. Every pundit that climbed on Bush for Thanksgiving in Baghdad should be all over this, because this story is real.

Speaking of "Photo-op disas... (Below threshold)

Speaking of "Photo-op disasters" have you seen the photos of W. throwing the pigskin at the Brown's training camp? He looks positively limp-wristed.

And yet the press spent man... (Below threshold)

And yet the press spent many days ridiculing George Bush, Sr. for marveling at the laser bar code scanner at the grocery store.

Some of us do remember more than 2 days worth of "news" coverage, chumps.

Yeah, that Liberal biased media.

Neither candidate "understa... (Below threshold)

Neither candidate "understands" the plight of the common man?

Let's see:

One candidate double the child tax credit and reduced overall tax rates for everyone who actually pays taxes (letting them keep more of their *own* money).

One candidate wants to let those tax cuts expire, effectively RAISING taxes and if you make over $200k you are "rich' and therefore do not DESERVE to keep so much of your own money.

Remember it's an income tax, not a wealth tax. So people who marry up like Kerry and the Kennedys are never affected by income taxes anyway.


One candidate wants to reform the severely broken and broke SocSec and allow the payees to set aside a small portion of their contributions and stick it into an interest-bearing account. The account's interest based on the stock market which has historically grown by substantial amounts over a typical person's lifespan since, well, forever.

One candidate wants to keep the old broken, almost insolvent system and take MORE of MY money to pay out at the same or slightly better levels (and then take more back in higher taxes like Clinton already did).


One candidate wants to allow people to save their OWN money in a medical savings account so when and *if* they really do need it they can then pay for their own doctor/procedures.

One candidate wants to nationalize Health Care, like Canada (with a fraction of our population and GDP), so we can all wait 5 months to just get a doctor's visit. But hey you won't be paying for it - directly! You just have to suffer through insanely high taxes on everything including your income like the people in Canada do.

Figure out which candidate is which and vote accordingly - and don't bitch about the results because they are both saying exactly what they want to do.

Nice examples if they were... (Below threshold)

Nice examples if they were true.
But I was refering more to the hypocrisy of talking about Kerry's wealth, when both of these bozos have more money than either of us will ever see in a lifetime. I wish my Daddy had magical powers that could get me out of a war and get me on the boards and into the executive suites of companies I can ruin. Gimme a break with the spiel okay Neo. I am NOT a Kerry fan, but I would say it is fair to guess that a guy who worked as a teamster as a kid unloading trucks, has a wee bit more of a feel for what it means to be a working man than a spoiled brat from Texas who's daddy bought him everything his heart desired. And I would answer every point you made above, point by point, maybe I will on my Blog, but I will just tap on two of them. Anyone who makes over 200k a year, and I know cause I was one of them, does not need a tax cut. As far as Social Security, who gives a rats ass. Bush is spending the social security fund and everything else he can get his hands on, like, "a drunken sailor on shore leave." A quote from someone who would know, John McCain, whom I am sure had a few shore leaves...

Anyone who makes over 20... (Below threshold)

Anyone who makes over 200k a year, and I know cause I was one of them, does not need a tax cut.

That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard, David Anderson. That's like me saying, "Anyone who drives a BMW, and I know because I was one of them, never needs to own another one."
If you don't need the tax cuts, you go ahead and pay at a higher rate, because no one is barred from paying extra taxes. You are one person, and so your experience only proves that you didn't need a tax cut. So let every person decide for themselves what they need, okay? It's a principle thing, yanno?

Thanks Nathan, glad we agre... (Below threshold)

Thanks Nathan, glad we agree. The voters should decide, and they will one way or the other. Unfortunate that it is illegal for "every person to decide for themselves," but then again that is democracy at work. Yanno?

Wendy's vs Gourmet Food ...... (Below threshold)

Wendy's vs Gourmet Food ...

I'm sorry, but I am not always too bright when it comes to mathematics, but if they paid $200 ($175 + $25 tip) for 19 "five-star gourmet" lunches, doesn't that make the lunches about $9.15 each? Wooo-eee! That's some high-priced chow! Wendy's would have been more expensive if it had been me and my friends stopping by.

By the way, Bush is a Eastern elite New England millionaire; why not talk about his money? Or, about his phony "ranch"?

Much ado about nothing because Bush's team has nothing to do with substance.


there is a more important i... (Below threshold)

there is a more important issue that people seem to forget. Every candidate has their own flaws. No single person is completely perfect. Ultimately what it comes down to is that niether candidate has any clue as to the needs of the people. Me personally being a very conservative American will vote on Bush's side only because I feel there is noone better. Both candidates will do and say what they want in order to win elections. it is a game to those who do not take it seriously. My life is not a game, I hope others feel the same way

I believe there are bigger issues that need to be addressed. Not saying taxes aren't important but there is a much quicker fix to that. No more government handouts that benefit people who don't feel the obligation to work, who would rather spend their money on drugs than food for their six kids(I have seen personally). People should be granted access to determine what they want their taxes to go towards. A lot of money could be saved if there were no stupid taxpayed charities, programs, courses, that benefit the trash of America. Not a sermon just a thought.






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