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Fast Times At Blogville High

The Commissar is the master of the blog stunt. Here's his latest - Blogville 1965 High School Yearbook.

Question - If this was your entry:

Kevin Aylward - Engineering Club 2,3,4; Girl Scouts 1,2,3; Home Ec 2,3,4; Cheerleading Squad 3,4
would you be looking to kick a little commie ass?


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Comments (4)

My entry:Economics Club 1,2... (Below threshold)

My entry:Economics Club 1,2,3; Russian Exchange Program 2,3,4; Yearbook 4

I think the key is to drop at lest one link to the Commissar a week, that way when he makes a map or does this kind of parady you're already on his good side.

Hey at least he didn't put ... (Below threshold)

Hey at least he didn't put "Guillotine club" like he did for Quinton.

I think I got off relativel... (Below threshold)

I think I got off relatively easy.

Cheerleading Squad? Sheesh... (Below threshold)

Cheerleading Squad? Sheesh, Kevin. Im just in Engineering Club (with you) and Varisty Ping Pong.






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