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No Oscar Consideration For Fahrenheit 911

I know this is going to ruin your morning, but Variety is reporting that according to Acedemy rules Fahrenheit 911 should be ineligible for a Best Documentary Oscar at next years Academy Awards.

"Fahrenheit 9/11" was apparently shown last week on Cuban state-run TV. According to Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences rules, a feature is disqualified for a documentary Oscar if it airs on TV or the Internet anywhere in the world within nine months of its bigscreen run....
Anyone want to bet they "forget" the rules or nominate the picture in the Best Picture category? Given that Photoshop 911 is more fiction than fact it probably belongs in the Best Picture category anyway...

Update: The relevant rule section from the A.M.P.A.S. - Rule 3 and Rule 12.

Update 2: The Academy doesn't care.


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Comments (13)

Did Cuba pay for broadcast ... (Below threshold)

Did Cuba pay for broadcast rights? If not, one could call it an "unauthorized use" of the film and it would be still eligible. It isn't exactly implausible to imagine Castro disrespecting copyrights. (Admittably its isn't implausable for Moore to give Castro permission either...)

Don't you think it would be... (Below threshold)

Don't you think it would be fair if they "forgot" the rules in this case? After all, I'm sure the film was broadcast in Cuba without the consent of either Michael Moore or the studio. Essentially, it's a bootlegging situation that's beyond the relevant parties' control.

Spielberg has already claim... (Below threshold)

Spielberg has already claimed that it's worthy of Best Picture consideration. If Kerry wins this November, I'll bet that Moore wins.

Does Cuba count as part of ... (Below threshold)

Does Cuba count as part of the world?

They rememebred the rules t... (Below threshold)

They rememebred the rules to keep a piece of palestinian propaganda out for a year, so I figure they'll have to block Moore and let Super Size Me win.

Which, in a way, could be the story of Michael Moore's life.

Sorry, I thought "Supersize... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I thought "Supersize Me" WAS the story of Michael Moore's life.

Sorry, I thought "Supersize... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I thought "Supersize Me" WAS the story of Michael Moore's life.

Remember, he got booed off ... (Below threshold)

Remember, he got booed off the stage the last time he got an oscar, I think this will give the Academy a reason NOT to invite him.

Don't know the rules, but w... (Below threshold)

Don't know the rules, but wouldn't it make sense that this airing on tv rule would probably apply to best picture as well?

From the best picture catag... (Below threshold)

From the best picture catagory, doesn't this eliminate it here as well?

3. A picture first theatrically exhibited outside the U.S. prior to the Los Angeles qualifying run shall be eligible for submission provided the prior exhibition takes place in a commercial motion picture theater after January 1, 2000, with the following further conditions:

a) the film may not be exhibited publicly in any other medium for a six-month period following the commencement of its initial theatrical engagement, and

b) after the six-month period, the film may play in non-theatrical forms provided they are outside the U.S. (No film which is shown inside the U.S. in any non-theatrical form prior to its qualifying Los Angeles run shall be eligible for Academy Awards.)

"Unauthorized" un huh . .... (Below threshold)

"Unauthorized" un huh . . .

From yesterday:... (Below threshold)

From yesterday:

I can't believe that Spielberg suggests "F:9/11" is "Best Picture" material. I mean, I can just not believe he'd even think such a thing, much less say it.

On the other hand, I have a saved photo of Spielberg deplaning in Cuba a year or thereabouts ago, for a "young filmmakers'" program there. You just never know.

~But, hey, Miramax has never even HEARD of Cuba!!~

Sorry, I'll try this again:... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I'll try this again:

From yesterday, I wrote...






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