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"Teresa and I play our own version of Cornhole, wanna see?"

"Our gift to the sexually represed masses in Alabama,
eco-friendly dildos. Teresa's using one right now..."

Photo - Powerline

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Comments (18)

That second caption might e... (Below threshold)

That second caption might explain her husky voice.

Or how about, "In another doomed attempt to connect with just plain folks, Kerry tries to adopt an 'aw shucks' manner."

This could go on for days.

"In Vietnam I was only a li... (Below threshold)

"In Vietnam I was only a lieutenant, but I've been promoted to kernel."

CORN-holiolives!</... (Below threshold)



My people call it, "le mas".... (Below threshold)

My people call it, "le mas".

"Kerry cracked corn? Well, ... (Below threshold)

"Kerry cracked corn? Well, I don't care!"

RE: #2Explains, he... (Below threshold)

RE: #2

Explains, her face and provides a lovely mental image that demands immediate bathing of my brain in bleach.

"Cheeky, sexy. What-ever."

<a href="http://www.la4isra... (Below threshold)
"Hey everybody, I've invent... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Hey everybody, I've invented internet cr0n."

"Which of you goddam dirty ... (Below threshold)

"Which of you goddam dirty farmers left this on my bu... I mean, our bus has plenty of corn, like the vast fields of my youth, the swaying stalks where me and my young schoolmates used to play. THAT is the fabric of America! Yeah, that is it! Fabric!"


"Who wants corn? It really doesn't go with the escargot we've got in here."

"Everyone who promises to v... (Below threshold)

"Everyone who promises to vote for me will receive one of these. Come on, surely you can't get something like this every day here in Ohio!"

"No, no, John! I shuck, ... (Below threshold)

"No, no, John! I shuck, you jive!"

"Go figure, all I know is e... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Go figure, all I know is every time Teresa would say Bush Hell the Iowegians would throw more corn at us."

"... and we just love your ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"... and we just love your Dairy Air. GO BADGERS! (psst, see I told ya I'd remember not to say Buckeyes.)

"Oh, it's not Ohio? What, a... (Below threshold)

"Oh, it's not Ohio? What, are we in Michigan again? No? Come on give me a hint, you S.O.B. Four letters? UTAH?" <leans out window again> "I want you all to know I'm all in favor of letting you marry as many of your cousins as you want. As long as they're not the same sex as you of course."

This is what Teresa was tal... (Below threshold)

This is what Teresa was talking about, Shove these!

THK to the Masses *b... (Below threshold)

THK to the Masses *beneath* her *special view*:

"Oh, loook, JOHN has CHILI for you!"

My god, I can't believe tha... (Below threshold)

My god, I can't believe that cornhole website is actually serious. I kept looking for the parody giveaway, but it ain't there. They even have "Play Cornhole" merchandice. Evidently it's some sort of variant on the game of horse shoes.

At least they seem to recognize that there is an alternate meaning to the word "cornhole."

Bend my ear...... (Below threshold)

Bend my ear...






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