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Revised Poll Numbers Give Bush Bigger Bounce

Gallup was so surprised by Bush getting a bounce from the DNC that they extended the polling another night... Like in Florida- Bush wins by a greater margin after the recount.

Bottom Line: Bush 51, Kerry 45, Nader 2

That's +2 for Bush from earlier.

I wish the Dems would have about 5 more conventions.


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Comments (8)

Ha ha ha ha. That made me l... (Below threshold)

Ha ha ha ha. That made me laugh out loud! In the spirit of Lance Armstrong, let's make it 6.

I saw your blog title out o... (Below threshold)

I saw your blog title out of hte corner of my eye, and ironically, it is very similar to mine, which was brainstormed about two, maybe three months ago. Ironic how close they are, in that respect. I'm also glad that you're a fellow Republican, not a Republican't. Good stuff!

Wizbangblog....Metallicarat... (Below threshold)


Yeah, I get the two mixed up all the time.

I smell spam. ;-)

Ack, apologies--clicked the... (Below threshold)

Ack, apologies--clicked the link--saw FlashBang...my mistake...

Now answer me this-why do people's web addresses not match their blog names? Grrrr....

Here is an article about ho... (Below threshold)

Here is an article about how kerry could be hurt by questions about his military service


Too funny. That'll get a l... (Below threshold)

Too funny. That'll get a link.

The "Bottom line" link show... (Below threshold)
The Third Man:

The "Bottom line" link shows Bush 51%, Kerry 47%. Is the "Bush 51%, Kerry 45%, Nader 2%" link for premium subscribers to Gallup, or am I just missing something?

Eh, I started the blog as a... (Below threshold)

Eh, I started the blog as an uninformed nerd, but changed it. I am now an informed dork, but I can be found accross the net as MetallicaRat. *shrug*






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