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A Memphis Welcome

Whatever happened to Southern hospitality?

WMC 5 in Memphis has a followup to the story of the Iraqi delegation snubbed at City Hall. After being barred from entering City Hall, they got mugged.

Things are just getting worse for a group of Iraqis visiting Memphis.

Two of them were robbed at gunpoint on a downtown Memphis street Tuesday.

The delegation first made headlines when they were banned from city hall because Memphis officials considered them a security risk.

City Council Chairman Joe Brown, who barred the delegation from entering City Hall Tuesday, apologized along with eleven other members of the council in a written letter Wednesday.

The letter asked the Iraqis for forgiveness and noted the "embarrassment" the council had brought upon itself.

Nice of Brown to try to spread the embarrassment around, even though he was the one who said he would evacuate the building if the delegation entered. I'm sure the rest of the council appreciates being involuntarily dragged down into his cesspool of paranoia...


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Comments (4)

Just another KKK S-O-B! Wai... (Below threshold)

Just another KKK S-O-B! Wait, no...

Joe Brown

Mr. Brown has been distinguished with many awards, including the Silver Star Black Achiever Award 2002, Black Business Association Benny Award 2000, Stellar Ward 2001, Father of the Year Award 2001, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award 1989, Community Leadership Award, National Small Business Award, Christian Men of Distinction Award and the Outstanding Business Associate of the Year Award.

"Southern Hospitality" coll... (Below threshold)

"Southern Hospitality" collapsed about the same time as Towers 1 & 2 just a few years back . . . as should have America's "open door" immigration policies.

Be very careful what you label "paranoia", Kevin. If the U.S. had been collectively more "paranoid", September 11 would have never happened. We had such stupid regulations that carrying a knife onto a passenger jet was ok, as long as it the blade wasn't over a certain length and it was non-serrated.

And I know I'm opening a HUGE can of worms, but the very notion of the State Department inviting and sponsoring visitors from Iraq is absurd. We should be scrutinizing all the Middle-Eastern immigrants and "visitors" who are already here.

And I know I'm opening a... (Below threshold)

And I know I'm opening a HUGE can of worms, but the very notion of the State Department inviting and sponsoring visitors from Iraq is absurd.

Given that we're trying to support Iraq in their transfer to Democracy, doesn't it stand to reason that we should be willing show our model? I am certain it was with care that the Iraqis sponsored were selected.

But joe brown did support W... (Below threshold)

But joe brown did support Wes Clark--could that have been a factor? Eh...maybe...councilmen aren't known for their commitments to democracy...






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