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Down, But Not Out

Wizbang's host Hosting Matters experienced a brief loss of network connectivity, which appears to now be resolved.

Update: The full story on the outage is available at the Hosting Matters support forum.


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Comments (4)

Hosting Matters hosts so ma... (Below threshold)

Hosting Matters hosts so many of the blogs on my blogroll that when they are having problems my blog reading pretty much comes to a stand still.

Thank God you are all back!... (Below threshold)

Thank God you are all back!

I was having withdrawl!

It wasn't just HM. Blogs t... (Below threshold)

It wasn't just HM. Blogs that are hosted elsewhere went down, including BlogSpot. Symantec and other sites went down. It was as if about half the internet stopped for a while, some of it blinking off and on for a while. I figured a major physical outage, DNS issue, or denial of service attack. DNS seemed less likely when some of the affected sites couldn't be raised using their IP addresses.

I'm curious to learn what happened.

Hmmm...Didn't miss you a bi... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...Didn't miss you a bit. My feedreader might have, though.






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