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Frozen Zone

I just checked, I'm staying inside the "frozen zone."

(1010 WINS) (NEW YORK) - When the Republican National Convention is in New York City at the end of the month, police plan on blocking off the streets surrounding Madison Square Garden. The NYPD says there will be a frozen zone, with hundreds of police on patrol.

No cars or buses will be allowed between 31st street and 33rd street from Sixth Avenue to Ninth Avenue.

People walking will have to show identification to anywhere from 33rd to 31st streets between Sixth and Ninth Avenues. Those without ID's will be escorted by police to their destinations.

I won't have to worry about all-encompassing festively militant events on the way back to the hotel. My guess is that the NYPD will not be in the "festively militant" mood...

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Eeegads, it's indymedia, wh... (Below threshold)

Eeegads, it's indymedia, who THK manages to fund, one way or another.

Talk about "hell," I'd say it is indymedia.

I got a spare bedroom on St... (Below threshold)

I got a spare bedroom on Staten Island; about one hour with all the security crap from door to door. Just have to clear the Wife and the main dog and you are in!nd LeatherPenguin has Cop Contacts every step of the way.

(and I've already got an Indymedia beatdown in place)

Really. We're walking where... (Below threshold)

Really. We're walking wherever the hell. Then going home, firing up the barbecue, eating, sleeping, waking up and bloging, sleeping, and doing it again.

The betting line of us getting busted is already running 2-5

Will Kevin use paper mache?... (Below threshold)

Will Kevin use paper mache? Will he show us his tits? Will he break in to a Starbucks? Will he bathe at all the entire week?

Of course. Dull, old Kevin...






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