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Live By The Past, Die By The Past

May 3, 2004 I mentioned John O'Neill's organization, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, in Kerry 'Unfit', Say Former Military Colleagues. At that time O'Neill's group claimed to have 19 of the 23 officers who served with Kerry in Vietnam, as well as every commanding officer he ever had, all of whom agreed that Kerry was unfit to be commander-in-chief.

The group now has ads running in battleground states and a new bestseller. Their message has not changed, but now it will be heard.

In February I predicted that if Kerry made Vietnam a central issue in his campaign it would bite him in the ass. Even with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad and book, Kerry's anti-war activities have yet to come up, even though February polling showed they would likely hurt him.

Update: Chapter 3 of the bestselling book can be downloaded from Wizbang! here.

Update 2: Don't forget to read the transcript of the 1971 debate between John Kerry and John O'Neill.


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Comments (12)

I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNE... (Below threshold)


I just knew you and I were posting this at the same time and I knew you were taking the time to get all the links! I set up a post last night with all the links but I did not save it! I was too lazy to do all that work again.

I'll delete mine but you might suck my direct link, it was not working for me via HEO, that's why I decided to post it.

and one more thing- Maybe instead of Wizbang we should rename it "midnight bloggers."



Thanks for the chapter down... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the chapter download. I'm buying several copies of this book, which I hope others will do, too.


provides another view, great video.

Paul, remember the Boston H... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, remember the Boston Herald piece on Kerry a little while ago that we both posted about within a minute of each other?

You GOTTA do something original every now and then, man...


The anti-war stuff can bite... (Below threshold)

The anti-war stuff can bite in the butt as NeoCon dirty tricks. Beat him over the head with his Senate (and Vp to Dukaka) record.

I'm with TC. There's a reas... (Below threshold)

I'm with TC. There's a reason why Kerry doesn't want to talk about the last 19 years.

I read the "Christmas in Ca... (Below threshold)

I read the "Christmas in Cambodia" chapter.

Kerry on the floor of the Senate, no less,relates his personal experience fighting Nixon's secret war in Cambodia. Only he didn't. He made it all up.

(And he changed his story, himself, later, when he was a little more worried about fact-checking. )

At least one journalist thumping for Kerry has repeated the fake story and remarked that experience (which never happened) was pivotal, that it changed him, formed him, altered his perception of the war and his service to the Country...

He was in the Sh%^, man, so don't you tell him about patriotism or dirty war. The scales fell from his eyes...

Only it never happened.

I'm glad you put this up, b... (Below threshold)

I'm glad you put this up, because I never did get the original link to work.

Clancy of Clancy's View let me know.

For the record, exactly wha... (Below threshold)

For the record, exactly what constitutes "served with Kerry in Vietnam". Does it mean they were on his boat, assigned to the same command, or just happened to be in-country the same time he was there?

Brother officers commanding... (Below threshold)

Brother officers commanding boats in the same unit.

Plus their commander, the A... (Below threshold)

Plus their commander, the Admiral (whose name escapes me at the moment, and I'm too damn lazy to Google it).

Interesting:<a href=... (Below threshold)

BOSTON (Reuters) - John Kerry's commanding officer in Vietnam has backed away from attacks on the Democratic presidential candidate, saying he made a mistake in accusing the U.S. senator of having lied about his wartime record.

Not so fast . . . ... (Below threshold)

Not so fast . . .

Now the Boston Globe is backing away from the story that reported what Diaz referred to . . .

The whole Kerry-Swift boat story is going to get a LOT of press before this is all over, but what I really want to see is THIS all over the news.

A quote from the above page:
The critical issue is that the Vietnamese communists have chosen to honor Senator Kerry in their War Crimes Museum for his assistance in helping them achieve victory over the United States. The sign outside the entrance to the room where Kerry's photo is displayed reads: "The World Supports Vietnam in its Resistance." Also exhibited inside the room are protest banners and emblems from various nations and photographs of international leaders who supported North Vietnam's cause.






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