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News Accounts Don't Do It Justice

Here's how it read on the news wires this morning.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Fighting flared yesterday between Iraqi police and insurgents in Mosul, killing at least 12 people, injuring many more and prompting city authorities to impose a curfew to restore order, city officials said.
Here's a portion of first hand account from one of the soldiers involved, from MY WAR - Fear And Loathing In Iraq
There was reports of a buncha people, wearing all black armed with AK's hanging out there. Our job was to locate and kill them. We were driving there on that main street, when all of the sudden all hell came down all around on us, all these guys wearing all black (Black pants, and a black t-shirts tucked in), a couple dozen on each side of the street, on rooftops, alleys, edge of buildings, out of windows, everywhere just came out of fucking nowhere and started firing RPG's and AK47's at us. I freaked the fuck out and ducked down in the hatch. I yelled "WE GOT FUCKIN HAJI'S ALL OVER THE FUCKIN PLACE!!! THERE ALL OVER GOD DAMNIT!!!" Bullets were pinging off our armor all over our vehicle, and you could hear multiple RPG's being fired and flying through the air and impacting all around us. All sorts of crazy insane Hollywood explosions bullshit going on all around us.
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Comments (2)

Damn it sounds like BlackHa... (Below threshold)

Damn it sounds like BlackHawk Down.

Absolutely remarkable. Fir... (Below threshold)

Absolutely remarkable. First hand accounts from the people actually going through the experiences, unfiltered by the passage of time or professional journalists.

Don't miss his post Vote? As If!.






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