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IndyMedia Attacks Kerry

IndyMedia claims John Kerry cannot be trusted, then details portions of his trail of hypocrisy.


Finally something the left and right can agree on...


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Comments (13)

I've been saying for quite ... (Below threshold)

I've been saying for quite a while now that that John Kerry's dilemma is that he can't win without the support of a base with strong pacifist leanings and moderates who realize that sometimes it's necessary to use force. His base hopes that his "stay the course" talk is just kidding and moderates hope he's not. They can't both be right.

Your link suggests that his base is starting to blink.

I don't know that I'd call ... (Below threshold)

I don't know that I'd call indymedia Kerry's "base"--they are far more likely to be Naderites who wouldn't even THINK of supporting Kerry--rather than "soft-Greens" who would do it as a sort of protest vote...

The New York Times poll of ... (Below threshold)

The New York Times poll of delegates to the Democratic National Convention suggested that the delegates were opposed to the war in Iraq and favored withdrawal. The opinion expressed on the indymedia link more closely corresponds to the delegates—surely Kerry's base—than does the position that Kerry seems to have staked out.

Many may not get this but K... (Below threshold)

Many may not get this but Kerry looks like the money cat in that picture.

To oversimplify the election... None of this matters as much as Kerry just isn't a very likeable person, especially on TV. Some of my relatives that don't follow or care about politics very closely got their first dose of Kerry via TV adds and the convention speech. That was enough for them to come to a conclusion. An incumbant with economic consumer confidence is probably going to pull out more fence sitters than the challanger. I just think for political junkies this stuff garners greater attention.

So, you want to be led by a... (Below threshold)

So, you want to be led by a man who'll never re-evaluate decisions he's made or (gasp!) change his mind?

I agree with C. Cross: Indymedia is an extreme fringe of the Democratic Party, at absolute most.

Kerry's not left enough for... (Below threshold)

Kerry's not left enough for the fring-eleftie nutjobs. Even Ted Rall attacked Kerry this week, although it's hard to tell if it's Kerry or not. Looks a lot like the guy who played Joe Friday on Dragnet. Jack Webb?

Am I the only one who caugh... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one who caught the date of the post?

March 2004. Wasn't Dean still Indy's baby back then?

Could be. I thought it sai... (Below threshold)

Could be. I thought it said May.

On top of being a March 200... (Below threshold)

On top of being a March 2004 post, it was written by Ben Frank, who is a Kucinich supporter, at least until Dennis the Menace let his supporters down by not "speak(ing) the truth at the Dem Convention."

From his web site, I would have thought that Ben would be more likely to support Lyndon LaRouche.

Oh, sweet...liberals now ca... (Below threshold)

Oh, sweet...liberals now casting aspersions on and about Indymedia. I can barely believe my eyes.

I sense an outide run maneuver, however...something's too easy about this.

HA! I can barely believe t... (Below threshold)

HA! I can barely believe that type (^^) I just submitted.

I MEANT to write "I sense an OUTSIDE maneuver..." and instead I typed, "an ouTIDE maneuver..."

The Force must be with me.

In my experience, however, ... (Below threshold)

In my experience, however, the Kucinich supporters are not at all, no way, no how, even approaching balanced in their emotional motivations about Kucinich. They outstrip Naderites in foam -- and I do mean foam -- as to rhetoric and irrationality.

So, hearing Kerry say in his convention speech that there was "unity" in the Band of Bandits was nearly too much for me (as if there wasn't already excess by that part of the presentation), that Band of Bandits that Kerry named each alone and together: Kucinich, Dean, Sharpton, Braun, Gephardt. It would have sealed Dean's place in our world's history if he'd let out a "yeeeaaargghhhh" at that point, and Kucinich had left the room "in protest," but, noo, Band of Bandits to the end.

<a href="http://www.ntimc.o... (Below threshold)

This is a more recent indy media slam of Kerry/Edwards specifically Edwards.






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