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Islam Takes A Stand

Finally an Islamic state takes a stand against the most important issue of the day...

LAGOS (Reuters) - Two policemen were shot and two more stabbed during a raid on an Islamic sect engaged in wife-swapping in the northern Nigerian state of Kebbi, authorities said on Thursday.

Sect members armed with guns, daggers and bows and arrows attacked police and government workers who were sent to destroy the group's base in the state capital Birnin-Kebbi.

The raid on Wednesday morning sparked an intense hour-long battle, police said.

"They were debasing the morality of our community and the teachings of Islam by prostituting their wives in such a way," said Kebbi State police spokesman Ibrahim Sa'ad Muhammed.

One shudders to think what body part gets cut off in punishment for this crime.

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Nigeria is not considered a... (Below threshold)

Nigeria is not considered an Islamic state. The government does not go by Islamic Law and the Muslim population is at or below 50%.

There's nothing worse than ... (Below threshold)

There's nothing worse than religious extremists. It really doesn't matter which religion. All extremists have the same sort of moral outrage that leads them to perpetrate the most vile acts. As an Armenian and a Christian I am quite familiar with the Moslem's treatment of "infidels." Indeed, The Moslem Turks invented the modern genocide with their systematic depopulation and murder of the Armenians during world war I. Hitler modeled his plans for genocide on the successful campaign by Turkey against the Armenians. Among the recent bombings of Christian Churches in Iraq was one of the remaining Armenian Churches. The savagery goes on and on.






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