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Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, that means so it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.


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Comments (55)

John Kerry "assumes the pos... (Below threshold)

John Kerry "assumes the position."

Ah ... <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

Ah ... sweet memories.

Phew...good thing I didn't ... (Below threshold)

Phew...good thing I didn't vote to kill funding for THIS photo op.

And this is how I ran to ap... (Below threshold)

And this is how I ran to apply for my purple ... er, get my wound attended to.

"C'mon kids! It's the Ice C... (Below threshold)

"C'mon kids! It's the Ice Cream Huey!"

Brave Sir Robin ran away.<b... (Below threshold)

Brave Sir Robin ran away.
Bravely ran away, away!
When danger reared its ugly head,
He bravely turned his tail and fled.
Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about
And gallantly he chickened out.
Bravely taking to his feet
He beat a very brave retreat,
Bravest of the brave, Sir Robin!

Last one on the chopper is ... (Below threshold)

Last one on the chopper is a war criminal!

Background: "dorsal titties... (Below threshold)

Background: "dorsal titties: The fatty protuberances on an overweight woman's back, approximately level with her shoulder blades or rib cage, and usually defined by bra straps. Generally visible to all. The male version of this is dorsal man-tits. Even slightly overweight people can sport dorsal titties." (from bighominid.blogspot.com)

"Then, Just when Kerry thought his photo-op had arrived, his bro (or manzeer) broke revealing his c-cub size dorsal man-tits. The National Enquirer, in a Pulitzer Prize investigative report, would later reveal that this was a full cup size larger than his daughter, Alexandra"

make that cup....always, I ... (Below threshold)

make that cup....always, I mean, always, press preview first. Rookie error.

Meet the new face of Americ... (Below threshold)
Kot Begemot:

Meet the new face of America.

"I missed it? That's okay,... (Below threshold)

"I missed it? That's okay, I'll just use one of Theresa's instead..."

...Moments after a shaken J... (Below threshold)

...Moments after a shaken John Kerry plucked rice out of his arse.

"I learned this in France ... (Below threshold)

"I learned this in France ..."

"Theresa, does that helicop... (Below threshold)

"Theresa, does that helicopter make my ass look big?"

Come on everybody - back to... (Below threshold)

Come on everybody - back to Vietnam!

"This is how I propose to b... (Below threshold)

"This is how I propose to bring the troops home... peace with honor!"

"HELP! The goons are after ... (Below threshold)

"HELP! The goons are after me! Quick Teresa, throw them some corn!"

(He even runs away like a w... (Below threshold)

(He even runs away like a wuss.)

"I'm getting out of here be... (Below threshold)

"I'm getting out of here before the Swift Boat Veterans show up."

Teresa!?!?...Bush just gave... (Below threshold)

Teresa!?!?...Bush just gave me a wedgie!!!

Hey Max! Look, a Huey!!<br ... (Below threshold)

Hey Max! Look, a Huey!!
Hey Max...........
Somebody push Max over here.
Max! I'm gonna show you how to get on this thing.

"You're recording this, rig... (Below threshold)

"You're recording this, right? Can you see the strain in my face as I run? Cause I can go back and try it again."

From <a href="http://www.co... (Below threshold)

From Charlie Daniels:

No place to run to
Where I did not feel that war
When I got home I stayed alone
And checked behind each door

Cuz I'm still in Saigon
Still in Saigon
I am still in Saigon
In my mind

"Wow, it's just like the Hu... (Below threshold)

"Wow, it's just like the Huey that airlifted me out of 'Nam after my third papercut!"

Reenactment of VC view of J... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Reenactment of VC view of John Kerry, preceding each Purple Heart.

"Who says I don't have a ba... (Below threshold)

"Who says I don't have a backbone?!?"

"Shotgun!!"... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:


Democratic presidential can... (Below threshold)

Democratic presidential candidate Joun Kerry re-enacted for the press what he called his "Silver Star winning move" in Viet Nam.

I think that's what they ca... (Below threshold)

I think that's what they call a "Port-a-Potty", and just in time.

As reported by any NY Times... (Below threshold)
Dennis in LA:

As reported by any NY Times reporter: Undisputed Vietnam War hero John Kerry reenacts the day on which he heroically reenacted the day when he led his SWIFT boat crew to a safe exit from a hot zone while under heavy enemy fire. Demonstrating a modesty befit a great American hero - President Kerry did not, today, carry two soldiers over his shoulders as he did that terror filled day so many years ago.

If those damn secret servic... (Below threshold)

If those damn secret service agents don't trip me, I might make it to the chopper.

John Kerry, in his latest V... (Below threshold)

John Kerry, in his latest Vietnam reinactment, looks back to the fleeing of Sigion, and forward to how he will fight terrorism.

This is reporter Jenny Wild... (Below threshold)

This is reporter Jenny Wildside reporting on the race to the White House, the Democratic National Committee Nominee John Kerry proudly runs towards a Vietnam era Huey Helicopter. As you can see, Presidental hopeful John Kerry's ass appears to have had some major reconstructive plastic surgery done. This will complement his Botox treatments quite well. I'm sure that all the young ladies will vote for such a nice rear side... This is Jenny Wildside reporting on the Democratic race to the White house, back to you in the studio Bob.

They are coming to take me ... (Below threshold)

They are coming to take me away hee-hee ha-ha!

John Kerry made an appearan... (Below threshold)

John Kerry made an appearance today at a fundraiser for victims of the disease Noassatall, stating that he can truly feel the pain of those afflicted with this dreaded malady.

After viewing this clip, me... (Below threshold)

After viewing this clip, members of the VRWC began circulating baseless claims that the footage was not genuinely shot in VietNam.

Kerry: See, he was running ... (Below threshold)

Kerry: See, he was running like this, and he had a rocket launcher that I thought he was about to use again. No, I didn't shoot him in the back. He was running towards a hut . . . backwards, yeah, that's it.

Ass Creep: Australian for J... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Ass Creep: Australian for John Kerry.

"I don't care what anyone s... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dil:

"I don't care what anyone says, Teresa said I get to go play with the pretty heli-chopper now."

Oh my god its going to cras... (Below threshold)

Oh my god its going to crash.


"Yay, The Lobster is here f... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Yay, The Lobster is here for lunch, God I'm sick of fuckin' corn."

The US Marine arrive just i... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

The US Marine arrive just in time to help with their part in putting the Ass back in Mass.(achusetts)

(Wonder where I've heard that one before)

... Actually is probably sh... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

... Actually is probably should've been more than one marine. :p

Ten seconds later, candidat... (Below threshold)

Ten seconds later, candidates Kerry and Edwards fell into each others' arms and boarded the aircraft that would take them to their new life in Key West.

"Kerry displays his first i... (Below threshold)

"Kerry displays his first initiative in the new War On Junk in the Trunk."

Help! My foot is stuck in ... (Below threshold)

Help! My foot is stuck in the hole that that capitalist pig 'copter left! Help! Stuck! Vietnam!!

"Everybody, RUUNN! Follow ... (Below threshold)

"Everybody, RUUNN! Follow MEEE! Just don't look back, man, these Zippo lighters today sure do lightup Missouri faster than they did VIETNAM!"

"ANYBODY NOT RUNNNING GET'S... (Below threshold)



Not surprisingly, reviews f... (Below threshold)

Not surprisingly, reviews for Broderbund's revamped version of "Choplifter" were mixed.

I thought hunchbacks were o... (Below threshold)

I thought hunchbacks were only found in France.... Hmm...

"They'd better not have for... (Below threshold)
Old Patriot:

"They'd better not have forgotten the Grey Poupon this time..."

John Kerry prepares to leav... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

John Kerry prepares to leave the Midwest: "Run Teresa! Run dammit! That chopper is our last ride out of this God Forsaken place."

Finally. The chopper's her... (Below threshold)
Scott P:

Finally. The chopper's here! Now I can go back to the States, trash my buddies, get my film developed and start my politcal career.................................................................................... wow. That was the creepiest flashback yet...........

Ooh, ooh! I wanna play "so... (Below threshold)
Scott P:

Ooh, ooh! I wanna play "soldier"!! Can I have a quarter, Teresa; can I, can I?!?!?!?

Levi's Dockers delivers ano... (Below threshold)

Levi's Dockers delivers another shipment of its Individual Fit Sensitive Waistband pant, thoughtfully modeled here, which gives consumers 2 extra inches of wiggle room.






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