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Win The American Dream

The reality TV craze continues unabated. The latest prize... citizenship.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Some TV shows offer an extreme makeover, others a bid for pop stardom. But the hottest reality show in the U.S. Hispanic market is offering the ultimate prize -- a potential green card to immigrants desperate to pursue the American dream.

"Gana la Verde" ("Win the Green") has attracted big audiences and hundreds of contestants willing to eat burritos crammed with live worms, jump off high-speed trucks or wash sky-scraper windows in exchange for a year's legal help in speeding up their visa or green card cases.

The show, run five times a week on small Spanish-language television channels in Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston and Dallas, was the brainchild of Lenard Liberman, executive vice president of the independent TV and radio company Liberman Broadcasting.

What's a little Fear Factor-style worm burrito to someone who had to make it through "bandito alley?"

More on the story from the L.A. Times (via Yahoo).


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There is only one "Win the ... (Below threshold)

There is only one "Win the American Dream"tm! And it has nothing to do with getting your green card. Such as Wizbang has written about. Win the American Dream is the name of an entirely new and different Reality TV show 15 people with business dreams or ideas will have the opportunity to embark on the ultimate adventure with prizes that will truly make you wish you were on the show. www.WintheAmericanDream.com






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