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Female Russian Tennis Star Nude

Grabbed your attention, didn't I? No it's not Maria or Anna, but one of the other young Russian tennis stars Anastasia Myskina.

NEW YORK (AP) - A Russian tennis star has filed a lawsuit against GQ magazine, claiming GQ allowed topless photographs of her to appear in a Russian magazine without her permission. Anastasia Myskina, winner of this year's French Open, is suing GQ and its photographer, saying she never intended for two photos of her appearing shirtless to be published, her attorney said Saturday. The lawsuit was filed Friday in Manhattan federal court.

The photos in question were taken by photographer Mark Seliger while he shot pictures for a spread in the October 2002 edition of GQ. One approved photo of her fully clothed was published along with a profile of the tennis player.

The topless pictures were published in the July/August 2004 issue of Medved magazine. Seliger had an unlisted telephone number and did not immediately respond to an e-mail for comment.

Of course you knew that I wasn't going to leave you hanging...

Here are the GQ pictures.


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Comments (14)

Now this one is fine! Thats... (Below threshold)

Now this one is fine! Thats what I am talking about. Wow!

Yo, K? You are getting dang... (Below threshold)

Yo, K? You are getting dangerously close to become Page Six from the NY Post. Or Oliver Willis.

It is the weekend. Politic... (Below threshold)

It is the weekend. Politics all the time wouldn't be any fun...

Plus I deliver the, er, good (so to speak) when I report a story like this...

Umm..he'd have to gain abou... (Below threshold)

Umm..he'd have to gain about 350 pounds to start getting "dangerously close to Oliver Willis".

could someone please Photos... (Below threshold)

could someone please Photoshop the head on the blue tanktop pic to the body of the other pics? I'm having a rough time figuring out which one is the horse in some of those.

(And I don't even know that her dad is running for President!!!)

She needs a haircut.... (Below threshold)

She needs a haircut.

yikes...she's a bit scary..... (Below threshold)

yikes...she's a bit scary...she looks like an anorexic younger version of Cher... yuck.

Dude...nipples on a rib! Th... (Below threshold)

Dude...nipples on a rib! That chick is too skinny. Now, the Reese Witherspoon pix above, on the other hand...she's a healthy girl. She looks good!

She's a little thin, but wh... (Below threshold)

She's a little thin, but what bothers me the most is the "I'm stoopid" facial expression she has in no less than three separate pictures. I mean, that wouldn't be so bad if she was sucking on a lollipop or sticking her finger in her mouth or something.

Special note to Anastasia: tolko shchushcu, ty ochen krasiviya.

Ok, so if a female tennis s... (Below threshold)

Ok, so if a female tennis star is just one notch above ugly, then she's a hottie? Honestly this girl is mot even a butter faced girl. Anna and Sharpie are only hot when compared to the likes of Davenport and the Williams horses... I guess they are proportionally attractive.

her boney hips would leave ... (Below threshold)

her boney hips would leave one with bruises - i "knew" a brit with a body just like that and i couldn't wear a belt for days. . . .

Am I the only one who notic... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one who noticed the horse/Catherine the Great angle?

How do i get these pics can... (Below threshold)

How do i get these pics can someone help me out...where the hell r they

Boa como o milho. Fodia-a t... (Below threshold)

Boa como o milho. Fodia-a toda!!!






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