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Shoot The Messenger

There's an interesting game of debunking going on in regards to the Swift Boat Vets authors. Media Matters (the liberal "truth squad") attacks the messenger with quotes from a series of Free Republic bulletin board comments. Thanks to recent developments we know that the author was Duncan Black (aka Atrios). MMFA investigates: Who is Jerome Corsi, co-author of Swift Boat Vets attack book?

Hmmm.... Let's give that a whirl and see what we can find to back the following gratuitous assertion - John Kerry is a left-wing lunatic.

Wizbang investigates: Who is John Kerry, presidential candidate
DU, Michael Moore, Howard Dean, fictional covert missions.... Clearly this man is a lunatic; nothing he says can be trusted.

Note: Hopefully the logic, or more precisely the lack thereof, is obvious.

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Hey, that's great! Before ... (Below threshold)

Hey, that's great! Before this, all I had was a gut feeling that Kerry was a left-wing lunatic. Now I know it's an irrefutable fact and niobody will be able to suggest to me otherwise.

I note that both Oliver Wit... (Below threshold)

I note that both Oliver Witless and Hatrios (a.k.a. Duncan B. Dumb) work for Media Smears for America. I wonder if they'll get invited to appear on Perky Little Katie Communist's show to explain the subtexts of T-shirts or something.

Oops! Looks like I blew that chance at a book deal.

Someone who has more time should look through each of Corsi's "damning" posts and put them in context. That's something that Duncan B. Black did not do, and hopefully it will redound to MMA's credibility.

Vote for Bush! But ... (Below threshold)

Vote for Bush!
But Corsi is scum... he is...
Even in context he is scum. I read his
quotes on the site, and he is an anti-catholic
bigot, in and out of context. It will only
hurt the GOP to fund people like this. He will
turn off voters. People like Corsi, are what
get people like Kerry elected.

Corsi is bootlicking scum whether he hates
Kerry or not...






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