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STFU Ed Begley Jr. !#@!?*!

I feel better now getting that off my chest.

TiVo users grab the last showing of the Denis Miller Show on CNBC at 4am Eastern/1am Pacific, and behold the goodness of Moxie on the Varsity Panel. Unfortunatly Ed Begley's giant noggin and yapping mouth dominate the segment, but Moxie did manage to get a word in edgewise.

What a suprise that an actor has long-winded opinion about hybrid cars...

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I'd hit it... (Below threshold)

I'd hit it

"Its a hybrid car, powered ... (Below threshold)
Robespierre the Incorruptible:

"Its a hybrid car, powered by my own sense of self-worth."

I don't hold it against her... (Below threshold)

I don't hold it against her (because I would be the same way), but she seemed a bit wide-eyed and scared ...

And it wasn't so much Begley's fault for yapping, it was Miller's fault for failing to control the segment. Moxie and the other gal barely registered.

The biggest problem is that... (Below threshold)

The biggest problem is that Begley is really a long time friend of Miller, which means that he was given most of the questions and face time. Sucks for both Moxie and the other girl.

Man, I don't own a Tivo. An... (Below threshold)

Man, I don't own a Tivo. Anyone got screen caps of Moxie? She's hot!






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