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The last few weeks, I've written several serious, analytical pieces, probably greatly disappointing to some (such as Rodney - sorry, I'll work on more fart jokes later). I still feel like doing some analysis, but it's time to turn my focus on less grim matters - in this case, the upcoming movie, Alien vs. Predator.

It's a fight that's been brewing for well over a decade, and as IMDB points out, it's been played out in comics, video games, books, and even toys. But let's take a look at just how these two match up:

Ranged attack: Advantage - Predator
No question here. The Predator has been seen using projectile weapons, beam weapons, and thrown weapons. The Alien has none. Given sufficient range, the Predator should be able to pulverize the Alien.

Hand-to-hand attack: Advantage - Alien
The Alien has claws on both hands, both feet, a pointy, prehensile, bladed tail, big pointy teeth, and more not-so-big pointy teeth in it's second mouth at the end of it’s tongue. The Predator has some good weapons, but nowhere near as many or as lethal as the Alien's.

Intelligence: Advantage – Predator
The Predator is a sentient being, most likely more intelligent than humans. It has spacecraft, high-tech weaponry, and sophisticated gadgets, all of which it uses with exceptional proficiency. The Alien is (to most observers) an animal, and has never been shown using any sort of tools.

Aggressiveness: Advantage – Alien
As seen in the movies, especially in the second one, the Aliens are fanatically aggressive. Almost nothing daunts them and keeps them from attacking. The Predator is not a fighter, but a hunter; it’s patient and plotting.

Defense: Advantage – Predator
The Alien, as shown in the second movie, dies fairly easily. It’s very vulnerable to weaponry. The Predator wears armor and other protective gear. The Alien’s main defense is it's acidic blood, the use of which requires 1) it be injured, and 2) the assailant not be protected against acid. . The Predator also has it’s handy-dandy invisibility cloak, but that probably would be useless against the Alien – it has no eyes, and could most likely locate the Predator with it’s other senses.

Numbers: Advantage – Alien
In two of the Alien movies, there were hordes of the Aliens. They worked together, attacking as a pack or a swarm. The Predator has always been shown as a solitary hunter.

Tactics: Advantage – Predator
The Predator has always been shown as a cunning, patient, highly proficient hunter. The Alien’s main tactic has been either sneaking up behind it’s prey or a massive frontal assault – neither very sophisticated.

Previous match-ups: Advantage – Predator
At the end of the second Predator movie, we’re treated to the interior of its ship. On the trophy wall, among a bunch of other heads, is an Alien’s head. (Screen shot here)

Previous matches against humans – advantage: Predator
In the first Predator movie, one Predator took on a squad of highly trained and skilled paramilitaries, and killed all but one before being defeated by Ahnold. In the second Alien movie, about 150 Aliens took on about 20 Marines, and were decimated. Only luck enabled a few of the humans to win and destroy the Alien infestation.

Aesthetics: Advantage – Alien
The Alien was designed by legendary sci-fi artist H. R. Giger, and is quite possibly the best example of his gift for appearing to combine organic and technological into one disturbing package. The Predator was reworked by special effects legend Stan Winston, and while excellent, just doesn’t measure up to Giger’s masterwork.

BO: Advantage – Alien
The four Alien movies grossed a total of 245 million dollars, or an average of 61 million dollars. The two Predator movies grossed a total of 90 million dollars, or an average of 45 million dollars. The highest-grossing Alien movie was Aliens, with 82 million dollars; Predator I pulled in 60 million dollars.

Cinematic Precedents: Advantage – tie
In Freddie Vs. Jason, Jason nominally won, but Freddie hinted that the fight wasn’t over. In Godzilla Vs. King Kong, two endings were shot – one shown in Japan showed Godzilla winning, the US version showed King Kong winning. Besides, with a tie, there’s always room for a sequel…


Comments (5)

I cant wait to see this mov... (Below threshold)

I cant wait to see this movie! And I think the Predators are going to kick Alien Ass.

The Predators created the A... (Below threshold)

The Predators created the Aliens to help identify races that were worth hunting. If they managed to hold off the Aliens, then the Predators would go in and try their luck.

That's my theory.

Apparently the Predator als... (Below threshold)

Apparently the Predator also kept Apollo Creed's head on its trophy wall.

Christopher: Yeah, well, yo... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Christopher: Yeah, well, you weren't supposed to notice the editorializing on the picture, just the picture itself... besides, Carl Weathers WAS killed by the Predator in the first movie.

McGeHee: I've read none of the comics, but while searching for that picture I picked up that apparently in the comics the Predators DID create the Aliens, but as a "test" species for their adolescents to prove their worthiness for adulthood in a "rite of passage" type of battle. I dunno if I care for that...


The Alien is (to most... (Below threshold)

The Alien is (to most observers) an animal, and has never been shown using any sort of tools.

I think your assumptions goes a LITTLE too far. Remember in ALIENS the nasty critters were smart enough to change their attack from full-frontal to a "death from above" through the ceiling offensive. If that doesn't convince you have to recall also that they cut the power.

"They cut the power."
"What do you mean THEY cut they power; they're fucking animals."

Of course, I'm paraphrasing.

And yes, I'm a big ALIENS/PREDATOR geek, I know this. LOL!

...apparently in the comics the Predators DID create the Aliens, but as a "test" species for their adolescents...

Again, geek territory here: that's the impression that I get as well, but that's only if the comics are considered canon, which generally with licensed properties isn't the case. For example, most of the Star Wars comics are not considered as canon. Ditto for many of the early ALIENS comics. In the second ALIENS mini from Dark Horse (the first one in color) the last page of the last book reveals Ripley. She goes on to star in the next mini-series (Aliens: Earth War), and though both are good they effectively don't exist anymore and are therefore not canon thanks to events in both Alien3 and Alien Resurrection.

I can't believe I'm discussing this. I'm so glad I have a girlfriend otherwise this might come off sadder than it already is.






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