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Kate Hudson's Nicotine Diet

Kate Hudson's Nicotine Diet
WENN (Aug. 6) - Hollywood beauty Kate Hudson has resumed her smoking habit to help her lose the 60 pounds she gained during her pregnancy.

The Almost Famous actress, 25, is depending on cigarettes to drop down to her original dress size for film Skeleton Sky - after the arrival of her baby son Ryder Russell Robinson in January.

A source says, "She quit smoking when she was pregnant but she's started again to help her lose weight.

"She's breast-feeding, so it's really not ideal."

Gee, do you think?

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While I've known a couple C... (Below threshold)

While I've known a couple Coke Blobs, I've never met a fat heroin addict. Plus, I think it's available in patch form now.

I think it's been said that... (Below threshold)

I think it's been said that what causes the weight loss is that smoking numbs the taste buds, or that it deadens the sense of smell (which is just as important as taste).

Of course, that was being said thirty years ago before they discovered about umpteen different hormones that are supposed to affect appetite.

If the kid starts having nicotine fits between feedings, Kate should probably quit smoking.

Speaking as a smoker, it's ... (Below threshold)

Speaking as a smoker, it's a negative correlation. It's not so much what smoking does to suppress appetite as the oral fixation that smoking imprints into its adherents. When you quit smoking, you need to stick something else into your mouth. That usually involves food or candy.

Well, no one here understan... (Below threshold)

Well, no one here understands the physiological damage that smoking tobacco produces in the human body.

It has very little to do with "oral fixation" issues (for some, granted, but that's not the issue as to correlation between smoking, not smoking and an individual's weight or weight loss). It has nothing to do with any or all of those behavioral assumptions about taste buds being suppressed (they are, but I'll explain in a minute just how)...

WHAT HAPPENS IS that your body does NOT ABSORB NUTRITION even when you ingest it, when you smoke nicotine, chew it, otherwise ingest it whether by first hand action or by indirect, "second hand smoke" method.

Your taste buds, the skin cells in your digestive tract (of which the mouth is a part, the tongue, all that, all are parts of the digestive system), ARE KILLED OFF by nicotine, so (d'oh), a smoker has impaired "taste buds". The vesicles that line the lungs are actually burned off and die, or are already dead, brought about by nicotine in a body, so you don't respirate adequate oxygen, you don't dispell adequate carbon dioxide, you don't metabolise nutrients. Even the stomach is impaired by the presence of nicotine, the gums in the mouth also...

Nicotine may make someone "thinnner" but it also makes one deadly and dying a slow and ugly death inside. The outside may look cosmetically appealing and thin and all for a while, but the body is doomed by nicotine, just that people don't see the damage but see the loss of weight instead.

Unfortunately, the "thin" quality that is produced by the destructive presence of nicotine in anyone's body is not a natural state. The only way a person is an equivalent "thin" without nicotine is by very poor nutrition or by a lot of physical activity.

We aren't all eighteen/twenty five forever. Our bodies gain weight with age mostly due to changes in hormones (in both genders) over time and changes in physical activity with age. Smoking has produced an unnatural expectation that people who look like smokers, who are smokers, is "good" while in fact, it's terribly awful as to a statement to make about wellness, or lack thereof, where smokers are concerned.

People who have eating disorders reason the same way: "never too thin" is exactly the same delusion as is "never enough to drink" and "never enough to smoke" and, and, and...it's all compulsive behavior based upon a distorted perception of what is "good" and what isn't.

Unfortunately, Kate Hudson's ensured her son will now grow up with a nicotine problem, among other things. Just so she can look "thin". Ruining her body, just so she can look "thin." I've heard it so many times from so many people, and it still sounds as crazy as the first time when I hear it again.

Unfortunately, Kate Huds... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, Kate Hudson's ensured her son will now grow up with a nicotine problem, among other things.

My mother, who passed away in 2002 at age 75 and is thus beyond the reach of the child-abuse Gestapo, smoked while carrying me, and smoked throughout my childhood.

I tried to take up smoking in my own turn, but couldn't do it. If that's a nicotine "problem" I'll take it.

"Smoke nazis" or not, smoki... (Below threshold)

"Smoke nazis" or not, smoking around babies, and while you are breastfeeding, makes you a dumb-ass. Maybe not 75 (or 55) years ago ... but certainly today. Ear infections ... asthma ... even colds have been shown to appear more frequently in children that are around smokers.

HEY! My mother was a sai... (Below threshold)

HEY! My mother was a saint!


Money can't buy class. I've... (Below threshold)

Money can't buy class. I've seen evidence of that time and time again.

So, smoke in front of your ... (Below threshold)

So, smoke in front of your kid. My mom smoked in front of me, but I wouldn't (and don't) defend her for that. People who do that TODAY ... are dumbasses.

Carin, note in my last comm... (Below threshold)

Carin, note in my last comment the Barbarino reference. Barbarino was a character in a TV situation comedy. Humor. Get it?

Or maybe that last should end with a period instead of a question mark. </good-natured snark>






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