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Looking For Work?

Wanted: Experienced staff for new Republican Congressman.

Needs: A whole new staff. Experience with web page design a plus

Apply: Congressman Rodney Alexander


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Comments (9)

Who knew there were still p... (Below threshold)

Who knew there were still people out there specializing in HTML 1.

That is a pretty sorry webs... (Below threshold)

That is a pretty sorry website in terms of design.

Nah. That's HTML2. HTML1 di... (Below threshold)

Nah. That's HTML2. HTML1 didn't have tables.

Another problem term limits... (Below threshold)

Another problem term limits would solve.

Wait a minute -- this Alexa... (Below threshold)

Wait a minute -- this Alexander guy is being decried as a traitor, his staff is bailing out on him...but when Jim Jeffords switched from Rep to Dem, he was hailed as the Second Coming?


WTF?Haven't... (Below threshold)


Haven't you ever heard of the Brezhnev Doctrine? "Any country that falls into the Soviet orbit must stay in the Soviet orbit, forever."

Obviously there's a Democrat corollary.

Auuugh! My Eyes!Wh... (Below threshold)

Auuugh! My Eyes!

What F'N color was that being used for the background? I don't think that was a valid RGB value in ANY color space.

Plus, being a web professional (even after 10 years!) it really offends me.

Aw, the Republican Congress... (Below threshold)

Aw, the Republican Congressman still wearing those Democrat colors...give him time, he'll come around, looks like he's made the first big step already, the rest will follow.

How do you piss off the Dem... (Below threshold)

How do you piss off the Democrats? Beat them. I mean, at least this guy did not wait until after the State's legally-set deadline to withdraw and be replaced by someone who could win, unlike what the Democrats pulled with Torricelli in New Jersey.






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