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Al Qaeda Planning Major Assassination

Drudge is reporting (standard disclaimers apply):

U.S. intelligence officials say a high-profile political assassination, triggered by the public release of a new message from Osama bin Laden, will lead off the next major al Qaeda terrorist attack, the WASHINGTON TIMES has learned.

The assassination plan is among new details of al Qaeda plots disclosed by U.S. officials familiar with intelligence reports who, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the killing could be carried out against a U.S. or foreign leader either in the United States or abroad.

The new details of al Qaeda's plans were found on a laptop computer belonging to arrested al Qaeda operative Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan of Pakistan, Bill Gertz is set to report in a page one blockbuster.

"We're talking about planning at the screwdriver level," one official said. "It is very detailed."

Countdown to conspiracy theories.... 3, 2, 1.

Bush is planning to kill Kerry and blame it on al Qaeda

Hat Tip: Rusty Shackleford


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Comments (8)

At this very moment, Matt D... (Below threshold)

At this very moment, Matt Drudge is smoking crack and fellating a guy he just picked-up in some South Beach gay-bar. After he swallows the guy's load, Matt will totter on over to his computer and download the latest dose of "Karl Rove's GOP Talking Points of the Day' to his crappy cluttered site. Then it's back to the couch for more dick sucking and crack ingesting. Welcome to the world of Matt Drudge. Journalist.

Hey, BushCutter... put down... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Hey, BushCutter... put down the funny-smelling cigarette and GO READ THE ORIGINAL PIECE. Drudge linked to a story in the Washington Times by Bill Gertz, who is one of the most highly-respected journalists in the biz today and has a history of getting the goods on big national security stories. If Gertz is putting his name out on it, that's at least worth a few moments consideration.


(And Cutter... come back and play with the grownups once you get out of junior high. You're swimming in treacherous waters, child...)

Hmm... just as the Swift Ve... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Hmm... just as the Swift Veterans for the Truth are gaining attention, just as Kerry's claim to have been in Cambodia is getting solidly debunked, this comes out.

I'm not saying whether or not this story is bogus, but I question the timing. This is coming out just in time to take those questions about Kerry off the front pages. It seems just a little too convenient to me...


Perhaps Cutter is jealous c... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Cutter is jealous cause Drudge can pick up guys and Cutter has no one... oh the sadness... it is to weep :)


Cutter offers an interestin... (Below threshold)

Cutter offers an interesting juxtaposition of Bush-hatred and homophobia. And here I thought the Left was more sensitive to so-called oppressed minorities.

Learn something new every day. (Not)

For the most part Bush has ... (Below threshold)

For the most part Bush has done exactly what al-Qaeda would want him to do. He's attacked a Muslim country in the Middle East that was not meaningfully connected to al-Qaeda (nor even one of the 45 countries in which al-Qaeda was operating before 9/11, according to the State Department). Bin Laden had called Iraq's regime "infidels"; if that term sounds familiar, it's because it's also what he's called the American government. But the war is quite helpful to al-Qaeda and its allies because it's increased anti-American anger, which helps help enormously in extremist recruiting. It's also alienated American allies, thus undermining US power and the international cooperation that's necessary to reduce terrorism. Then factor in that even if bin Laden were caught tomorrow it still would have taken the US nearly THREE years -- way, way too long. Not just bin Laden. Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden's assistant. Mullah Omar, the leader of the Taliban. For those with conveniently short memories, Bush confidently evoked an "old poster out West" that said "wanted: dead or alive." He said, "The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden." More recently Bush has had a slightly different take on the situation. "I don't know where he is. I have no idea and I really don't care."

Then factor in that the hundreds of billions we're spending in Iraq are hundreds of billions we're not spending on homeland security, and you have to wonder who exactly this high-value target is. Since Kerry has been leading in the polls, I have my own opinion. So does CIA officer Michael Scheuer. According to the Guardian (UK):

"I'm very sure they can't have a better administration for them than the one they have now."

He adds: "One way to keep the Republicans in power is to mount an attack that would rally the country around the president."

Americans will want to self-consciously avoid "appeasing" the terrorists, like the Spanish (supposedly) did. So one other option for al-Qaeda would be to aim for an attack before the election that would win quick support for the president. Eventually people would realize that the president's reckless foreign policy has lead to a less secure America, but that would take awhile.

Bush is running an arrogant war on terror that's full of bluster, but otherwise seriously lacking. That's exactly what al-Qaeda wants from our commander-in-chief.

He adds: "One way to kee... (Below threshold)

He adds: "One way to keep the Republicans in power is to mount an attack that would rally the country around the president."

Friend, never go out in public wearing another man's tinfoil hat.

"There is no other cure tha... (Below threshold)

"There is no other cure than to kill Matt Drudge," O'Reilly charged on the IMUS in the MORNING radio show.

"I just want to tell everybody that Matt Drudge is smoking crack - right now, in South Miami Beach on Washington Avenue... And the authorities should know it."

Thursday December 18th 2003.

...and as a resident of South Beach (Jefferson and 3rd), I can readily attest that it's an open secret hereabouts that Matty Drudge is a flaming queen with an insatiable appetite for sucking cock. Playing with the big boys indeed!!






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