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Chess And Sex


Maria Manakova is a full-fledged women's chess grandmaster, and something of a sex symbol in the chess world. In a recent interview she spoke frankly about sex and chess, and also posed for the cover of a Russian rag magazine (shown below).


You can read her interview on chess and sex at Chessbase.


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Comments (8)

Do all Russian chicks look ... (Below threshold)

Do all Russian chicks look this good? Anna Kournikova, Anastasia, Myskina, Maria Manakova...

First things first, comment... (Below threshold)

First things first, comment on the babe, then go comment on The Bush picture. LOL! Priorities ya know. The girl definately has ASSetts. I can appreciate that. I dig Russian Chicks, would order one over the internet if I wasnt already set up! LOL! Kevin you are the Tasmanian Devil of the Internet world. Love ya Man!

Interesting that the Russia... (Below threshold)

Interesting that the Russian word for "scandal!!!" is the same as in English. I wonder if Comrade Kerry knew that? Maybe the CIA guy in Cambodia told him...

See? See? Like I've been ... (Below threshold)

See? See? Like I've been saying all along-some smart chicks can be hot.


Something tells me there ar... (Below threshold)

Something tells me there aren't too many Russian guys who are into D&D, if the chess club chicks look like that.

Chess chicks are just plain... (Below threshold)

Chess chicks are just plain animals in bed.

I know. I married one.

Russian, as with English, G... (Below threshold)

Russian, as with English, German, French, and other languages, has loan words. There are occasionally native words with the same meaning and the loan words might be more popular.

Zabyl, chto eto 'slon'?

Do all Russian chicks look ... (Below threshold)

Do all Russian chicks look this good? The answer is, I believe, no. They look BETTER. To be honest, even though I like to find the good in things, I think women in America where I live rank lowest or near lowest in terms of hotness on the whole, possibly in front of Asia or India--the purebreds. Not that I pay attention to those kinds of things. I really tend to like European chicks, perhaps because they come in regular shapes and sizes. Me, I'm very weird looking, so I don't need to be as picky.






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