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I'm working on the About page for Wizbang, and I want to give readers and other bloggers a chance to have their say about me and/or Wizbang. You can leave them here in the comments or e-mail them to me. I can't promise that I'll use them all, but I will pick some of the best for inclusion.

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Wizbang - a great read, but... (Below threshold)

Wizbang - a great read, but some of the links can get you fired!

Here's the description from... (Below threshold)

Here's the description from my links section:

Wizbang features a winning combination of politics and trivialities.


One of my FEW daily reads. ... (Below threshold)

One of my FEW daily reads. While we are often at odds over political issues, I love Wizbang and the cast of charectors who gather there. Its fun, sexy, funny and is visited daily by more cool people than any Blog in the Sphere. What I most appreciate is that even though I am probably the Black Sheep of the Family, no hessitation was made in inviting me into the family. Thanks Kevin, you more than anyone other than myself are responsible for the success of my Blog. You Browshirt Bastard! :-)

Same here -- Wizbang is one... (Below threshold)

Same here -- Wizbang is one of my few multiple-times-each-day reads!

Good "About" page, Kevin -- but of course the picture is quite jarring, as I usually form a mental picture of you with a more -- shall we say -- jovial expression on your face. Heh.

Wizbang: "If trashy pop cul... (Below threshold)

Wizbang: "If trashy pop culture and angry conservatism had a baby."

Consistently up and bloggin... (Below threshold)

Consistently up and blogging before I've managed to fire up the old DiMaggio!

(for you whippersnappers, that's a coffee machine)

Further proof that the Blog... (Below threshold)

Further proof that the Blogopshere needs a backgammon-style doubling cube.

Wizbang: "If trashy pop ... (Below threshold)

Wizbang: "If trashy pop culture and angry conservatism had a baby."

I kinda like that one.

Wizbang ~ Proud m... (Below threshold)

Wizbang ~ Proud member of the Vast Right Wing Circle Jerk!

Sometimes he posts with a b... (Below threshold)

Sometimes he posts with a bang; sometimes a wiz....you never know until you read.

From <a href="http://wizban... (Below threshold)

From Britney's teary face to who's winning the race...Wizbang's got you covered.

(ahem)"During the ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:


"During the birth of my most recent child, while sleep-deprived, distracted, and stressed beyond belief, I mistakenly gave sets of keys to this site to a few people who can best be described as lunatics, whackjobs, and gibbering, semi-literate public menaces. I have yet to reclaim those keys because doing so would force me to admit I was ever so disconnected from reality as to hand them over in the first place. And if you've been shocked and appalled by what they've posted here, you ought to see the messes they leave behind the scenes. I'd rather have to clean up after a couple hundred feces-flinging monkeys who've OD'd on amphetamines and laxatives."


"Making 90% of the rest of ... (Below threshold)

"Making 90% of the rest of the blogosphere obsolete while you sleep."

Wizbang!: I read it every... (Below threshold)

Wizbang!: I read it every day that I read, and there's always good reading on Wizbang!. Which is why I read it. Every day that I read.

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